[x] Government in a Box

In my next few blogs I will be presenting some examples of practical applications of how the center tenet of Cosmopoly, Cooperativism would function.  In terms of applied Cooperativism here is an example of what I’ve been working on in.

Because of natural disasters or economic distress, we must be able to apply government where and when we need it.  An example of this would be what I call government in a box which would be applied when we need to reconstitute a group of people into a functioning economy and government capable of managing itself?

First we would license the kind of individuals needed to apply government services to the public.  These licensed individuals would entrust peoples responsibilities and obligations together by forming them into their own civil trusts designed to achieve their personal and common needs and wants.  The way that government would be applied would be to first go into the community and organize people according to their needs and capabilities, and then bring those with the needs together with those that can provide for them within their own civil trusts.

[x] personal and consumer and provider specialized civil trustees

There would be two kinds of licensed individuals that would be the civil trustees needed to apply a government/economy. The first licensed individual would be each person’s personal civil trustee that would connect him/her with the second licensed individuals, their specialized consumer and producer civil trustees that they would receive their products from.  These specialized consumer and producer civil trustees would go into the community and divide it into its consumers and providers.

[x] the four fundamental areas needed to promote economic and government activity

The specialized consumer and producer civil trustees would establish the foundation required to rejuvenate a group of people in the form of providing the four fundamental areas needed to achieve all of the other forms of production required by a vital society.

-Shelter Needs

-Food Needs

-Education Needs

-Health Care Needs

The four fundamental areas of need would be shelter, food, education and health care. Each area of fundamental need would be divided into the types of products that it would provide to the public. Each one of the products would be given their own civil trust to self-govern itself with. These civil trusts would bring together the various kinds of consumption and production needed to supply the food, shelter, education or health care products required by society.

[x] community banks, membership accounts and civil trust accounts

-Community Banks or Financial Trusts

To make these areas of need viable, each person would be given their own membership account within their own independent community bank or collective financial trust that would be held by an existing bank.  A person’s membership account would consist of the various civil trusts that they would do business with.

Each person’s membership account would be issued with their own civil trust accounts for each of their personal needs as well as their capabilities.  Through these civil trust accounts they would do business with each other for each type of product that they either needed or could provide to one another.

These civil trust accounts would be connected to each other through their common collective financial trust that would be linked to an existing bank that would be holding it in trust or through their own independent community bank that all of their business activities would be linked to and managed by their own civil trustees.


6 Responses to “[x] Government in a Box”
  1. vera says:

    This is a great idea. I’d love to hear more about this.

  2. Melissa Constantin says:

    The center tenet of Cosmopoly, Cooperativism is very interesting to me. It is really good to see that there are some great solutions for problems that seem almost impossible to resolve. Natural disasters and economic distress often go hand in hand but even by themselves, they occur. We need to basically reorganize the government so it can manage itself when life gets hard for whatever reason.
    Because of natural disasters or economic distress, we must be able to apply government where and when we need it and we need to be prepared.
    Economic and government activity can be promoted and stimulated by providing shelter, food, education and health care.
    The only thing in my mind is, who pays for all of that? Is there exchange of labor involved?

  3. Hannah Krubsack says:

    Hannah Krubsack, Pierce College, Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

    All I can think of is, if you think government is big now…I am not sure how this think regulates itself – everything is collective. I am also not sure I want government to have such a permeating role in everyday life. Is this sublime
    organization, or stagnant uniformity?

  4. Maya Berko says:

    This concept is so one the dot what the world need now. a government thast can help enforce andprotect, rebuild and costruct, and enable countries all over the world who have undergone hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, and social collapses. if there is a mobile government with the qualities that you suggest, the world will truly have a better chance at survivung the attrocities and natural dissasters that continually occur. I wish this was a proposal in the overnment today, it could rehabilitate and change millions of lives everywhere.
    Id vote for it.

  5. Dianna Nomanim says:

    I really benefit from reading about this because I enjoy considering that there are resolutions to issues that appear unbearable to fix. If the citizens have faith in the government to handle the problems that seem as if are not possible to fix, such as natural disasters, then the government will pull through and help during these times. But it is more likely that the people surrounding us will help us through these times, such as our neighbors and our friends. <3

  6. Dianna Nomanim says:

    I just wanted to add, that those four fundamental areas of needs, in my opinion, goes mostly out to the rich people, then the people with lower income occasionally get them, but the middle class people suffer in order to be provided with these four fundamental area of needs.

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