[x] Our Global Coming Together Will be the Next Great Age of Human Development

Coming together on a global level will begin the next great age of human development, which would be our coming together globally as a human family. This globalization will make us extensions of one another’s aspirations and concerns, which will permit us to build upon each other’s capabilities and insights within civil trusts.

This would allow us to develop our human strengths, which would result in maximizing our human potential and creativity. This would require that we form global cultures that would be able to augment our existing culture and bring them together into a common global understanding of ourselves having many roots in our past.


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  1. Matthew Legacy says:

    This is true–the next great Age is under development with the extreme and rapid globalization of modern cultures. People are no longer bound within a small radius of their birth, and technology allows individuals to pursue many facets that were not previously available to them. It is only a matter of time before this trend grows and we see a massive alteration of the way in which we see the world. Our position in this city at this time is a good one to be in for us to witness this.

  2. Hannah Krubsack says:

    Hannah Krubsack, Pierce College, Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

    The idea of global cultures forming and augmenting our own is fascinating to me. Another layer of culture, intertwining memories and customs with the ones which I already have creates a new culture, one which samples from potentially everywhere.

  3. Alexander Bernabe says:

    Only if this can truly happen. Humanity came together only by war. The reason why is either government or belief. Countries are way too competitive to help each other. But if we actually came together, everything will skyrocket. This would make our cultures and roots come together to form a new one,

  4. Ateka Husain says:

    If Human wants, it could happen as well. We are busy looking for our profit from others’ loss and it is dividing humans into different groups. Many different views are causing problems for people and it results into some war that worsen the situation even more. If we could come globaly together, it would have solved many Political issues. we don’t have to go outside a nation. We can see one nation has different political parties and they don’t agree with eachother that makes it more compicated.

    Ateka Husain Pierce College,
    Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

  5. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    Us as human Beings have accomplish so much to this World; that in fact it has brought us to a generation where we are completely global. Having the technology to expand to areas that have not been touched centuries ago. We have exceed the impossible by using our human gift of knowledge and creativity. Yet again we are the only species that hasn’t learned from its past Mistakes. This is the ultimate mistake that humans must solve in order to begin The Global Unification.

    Pierce College Student,
    -Guillermo Ortiz

  6. Calvin Montano says:

    I believe the more cultures that come together would be tremendously good for the next genereation. There are many cultures that tend to keep themselves isolated from their rest of the world. Some cultures tend to have new knowlede of stuff that can be helpful and learning for the rest of the cultures. The more we bond among different cultures; the more we learn and the better we learn, the more helpful it is for us to help the world. With new knowledge comes great advances in science and medical research. Coming together would be a great accomplishment in helping each other out in the world.

  7. Osama Shahzad says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The process of this global community is a long drawn out one. And in my opinion it has already taken root in our society today and as each year goes by it comes closer to its full fruition. I think when all the world is roughly on the same platform when it comes to technology will be the day that we can really pride ourselves for having a global community and an extensive human network. Where we learn from one anthers mistakes, build on top of our triumphs, and give comfort in times of need.

  8. Art 101: JDelijani says:

    There is no doubt that which each day globilization is majorly taking into effect in this world. GLobilzation is beneficial because it allows equal luxuries to all people, but at the same time one of the biggest downfalls or globilzation is the loss of culture that is occuring. Globilization is slowly turning every nation into clones of each other and that is a sad truth, becuase it doesn’t allow people to have a certain sense of indivudalism and uniquness. Tourism in differnt nations wouldn’t exist unless there weren’t diverse cultures for people to see and ezperience. Soon, if every nation speaks on language, has the same food, and does all of the same things, we lose a sense of our past and the traditions our ancestors were trying to preserve.

  9. Jessica Jadali says:

    This seems like the ideal image for our human society, however I find it hard to believe it can actually happen. I think that people are to selfish and self-obsorbed to put the entire human population before themseleves and their people. Eventually i hope that people come to their senses and accomplish something of this magnitude for the greater good nevertheless i do not see it happening in the near future.

  10. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    I definately agree with the idea of all cultures coming together as a human family. It’ll be nice to see this happen in the near future. If we think about it we already can somewhat see this here in the United States with the mixture of many cultures. There seems to be a transnational circulation of ideas, languages, and popular culture.

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