[x] From A Cooperative Way Of Thinking To A Cooperative Way Of Reorganizing Ourselves

Psychological Cooperativism would be designed to change our psychological relationship with the world from one in which we see it in terms of ownership and dominance to a cooperative one where we live in a cooperative way with each other as well as with the natural world around us.

This psychological Cooperativism would be about seeing ourselves in a cooperative relationship with all things and by recognizing the cooperative responsibility that we have toward them. This entrusted collective personal responsibility for all of us would result in forming a cooperative understanding between each other as well as with the social and natural environments that we associate ourselves with.

This cooperative way of thinking would lead to our reorganizing ourselves in a cooperative way which would be a sustainable way with the things that we need from the natural world as well as from each other. This sustainable existence with the natural world would be made possible by entrusting our relationships with it through each other which would make us responsible to one another for the welfare of the natural world and our relationships with it.


4 Responses to “[x] From A Cooperative Way Of Thinking To A Cooperative Way Of Reorganizing Ourselves”
  1. Matthew Legacy says:

    It would be a breath of fresh air to have more cooperativeness in our society. We live in a very individualistic culture, in which many consider only their needs, and not the needs of those around them. By revamping our mindsets, our goals, and our outlook towards life, there would be a general improvement, and real progress could occur, in a much faster and permanent state.

  2. Alexander Bernabe says:

    Hard to say. Humans only care about the ones/things they love. We don’t care about strangers, that’s sad. Most of the time we think that we should not get involved with what is happening around us. Either we don’t know how to handle something or we don’t want to get involved because we’re afraid by the results. If we help each other out, most of the worlds problems would be gone in a faster rate compared to what is happening now. The world would be a better and safer place to live in.

  3. Ateka Husain says:

    If Human had a ‘sense of responsiblity,’ we would not be facing the problems we have today. Even worse, we don’t learn from our mistakes. Humans care about their need and they will take disadvantage of nature and other thing without caring. We are isolating ourselves from each-other. There is very less communication to solve any problem.

    Ateka Husain
    Pierce College
    Art 101 M th, 1:00-2:35

  4. Calvin Montano says:

    I believe psychological cooperativism is something we should pursue and would be very good for us all. Everyone coming together is good, we would be communicating and sharing ideas once again. Their will no longer be people keeping to themselves and more people bonding together.The world would be a better place. We need to come back together and make the world better.

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