[x] Cooperatively Redefining the Market

To change from capitalism to a more socially oriented market system we must disassociate Capitalism from the function of a true market. With Capitalism, where everything is only seen in terms of its capital worth, the market is only about making money, through the trading of society’s capital.

Within a system of economic Cooperativism the market would be seen to be about the providing a cooperative exchange mechanism that would be designed to promote the cooperative relationships within society. We must show that a true market is actually about providing a cooperative arrangement between those participating in it.

This would take the market away from Capitalism’s grip and instead make it about providing a responsible cooperative relationship between its participating members. This would result in taking the market away from Capitalism’s view of it as a means to an end. This would also reveal that the nature of Capitalism is prone to allowing for the nefarious nature of human beings to develop and is increasingly being used for harmful proposes rather than for helpful purposes which is, after all, the true nature of the market.


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  1. Matthew Legacy says:

    This goes back to what you were saying about the Psychology of a Cooperative spirit. Capitalism clearly is in opposition to this. It seems so glamorous on the outside: the ability for anyone to succeed as much as they want, limitless opportunities, and so forth. But the catch is this: there will always be those who rise to the top–and there will always be those who sink to the bottom. And those that flounder, will ultimately be taken advantage of, and literally “used” for their labor, as a means to make money. It is a glorified form of indentured servitude.

    To change to a cooperative market system would be ideal, and it is all but necessary to avoid the extreme polarization of wealth that we see in this world.

  2. Hannah Krubsack says:

    Hannah Krubsack, Pierce College, Art 101, M Th, 1:00-2:35

    I don’t know. I have no problem with cooperativism as a philosophy. Capitalism, of which I am so fond, certainly has its drawbacks and shortcomings. But does the collective model have the track record to
    Insure success? What is the incentive, which provides the excitement of achievement in this model?

  3. Alexander Bernabe says:

    The problem is the wealthiest people will be able to stop us from stopping capitalism. One reason why is they’re the ones paying the rich to pay us for our work. They’re the ones the actually rule the world. Due to capitalism, a lot of people are losing jobs because of production. if everyone works together, there is someone that has to control on what is going on. Usually the guy on top is the one who has greed.

  4. Ateka Husain says:

    It will not be easy to dissociate capitalism from our market. Rich people own big part of nation’s wealth; they will not let it heppen. People have to come together to improve the situation of market. So, umemployment can be reduced.

    Ateka Husain Pierce college
    Art 101; m th, 1:00-2:35

  5. Calvin Montano says:

    The capitalism market should be changed. People nowadays are only becoming greedy and doing whatever it is possible to gain money by others. If we are to pursue a cooperativism of market then the world would change dramatically. People would be getting to know each other more, they would be bonding and trading products in a better way. They would know who they would be making business with and that is the important part. The more we bond, the more better it is for business overall, people would begin to recommend other businesses to others and the market will begin to develop to a more trusted and more human form of market and how it was meant to be in the first place.

  6. Art 101: JDelijani says:

    This is such an ideal idea if only it was as easy as it sounds here. This proposal which would indeed help make the market system a more friendly place will also increase sales and lean more towards a buyers market. However, this would also be beneficial to sellers because they would be gaining more buyers. This would help boost the economy and also create a more friendly society among citizens. People wouldn’t be as concentrated on money as they will be on the satisfaction of others. However, this is not an easy task because it requires a lot of self sacrifice for the fortunate in this capitalistic society and the sellers. They would have to be willing to lower prices and give up some of their money, which seems like an almost impossible task to ask of somebody in this money crazed society. If this could be achieved, not only would we have a better and more beneficial market system, but we would have a more caring/giving society of people.

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