[x] Protection from Corporations and Government

A parallel, entrusted government system next to our existing governments would provide us with an alternative government system capable of providing us with a personalized political and legal advocate that would be able to represent our interests and concerns to the government and corporate industries that we need to influence. This would give every entrusted person their own personal advocate and representative that could protect them from those that would do them harm.

An entrusted government would force the industries that want to do business with the entrusted consumers of a particular entrusted market to first have to entrust themselves to manage the market that they wish to enter before they would be allowed to do business with them.

Forcing industry to first have to agree with the entrusted conditions of the entrusted markets that they want to do business with would allow its entrusted consumers to determine the market and its direction. This would be able to protect us from corporate or government domination, which would allow the people to stand up to the power interests and take their countries back from corporate manipulators and their government enablers in a peaceful way through the market process.


4 Responses to “[x] Protection from Corporations and Government”
  1. Matthew Legacy says:

    One of the greatest quotes I ever read, was this: “A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government”

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Our government is not on our side, but rather, it exists to make money. It is basically a big business itself, and we are its source of labor. To have a second, parallel government that could be trusted, and hold our primary one accountable would be ideal. The problem is, who can stand up to the mob? But I stand by that quote!! If the time comes for a major change in this country, I’ll defend it against the government!

  2. Alexander Bernabe says:

    I agree with Matthew, We will die for our government but the government would not care if one dies. Government doesn’t care on one person, but government will care if it has to do with the majority of the population. The population can decide if they’re actually loyal to what they stand for. Most of everybody in United States would fight for freedom instead of being controlled by a corporation. Only thing is that corporations control is indirectly.

  3. Calvin Montano says:

    I believe the entusted governement would be a great idea. If we are to make business with any person we should first get to know them and see if we can trust them. If we can’t trust them then there is no point in doing business with them. The entrusted government would be great idea because it would allow the people to have a better say in some of the government’s working. The people overall should be entitled to know about the businesses the governments are working with and should be able to say their opinion if what is happening is wrong or not.

  4. Narek Ghazaryan says:

    One of the richest people of all time Rockeffeler once said: “I dont need nation of thinkers, I need nation of workers”.

    We all going to work for them until the end, they are going to be the ones who make money. We are “FREE SLAVES”.

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