[x] Global Capitalism; from Labor to Consumer Based Society

The changing nature of globalization has changed the traditional production relationship between business and labor within the market. Capitalism is based on the best return of capital. As a system it only sees people and things in terms of their financial value. The products being created as well as the workers that produce them and the facility in which they are made are seen only in terms of their financial value. Other forms of value are not seen as pertinent.  Therefore, if one product becomes less valuable than another product, then its capital moves from the less profitable product to the more profitable product.

Within global Capitalism while the relationship between business and labor is still the same, labor as a member of society is now a labor market in which it provides itself to industry.  Because global Capitalism is ultimately about volume, the members that may or may not produce a particular product as a labor force now have a new role and that is as the consumer of those products.

This role as the consumers of the products produced by global Capitalism has given the people the real power in the system. Just as the Capitalist can give or take away jobs, so could the consumer consume or not consume the products being produced.  By collectively consuming one product over another, the people could direct the type of products that would be produced as well as determine how they would be produced. Becoming the consumers of the products of society would allow the people to determine the type of society that they would wish for themselves. The real power of people today is as consumers.  Organizing ourselves as consumers would give us the power to determine our own futures.


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  1. Matthew Legacy says:

    One reason we don’t see as much change as we demand, is because of our intrinsic, individualistic nature. If people would unite as a common force, then together, we could change anything we want. We could boycott, produce, and demand the market to change according to our desires. A simple example: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Boycott of the buses. That company lost a paramount amount of money from the blacks boycotting the buses. But the people were heard, and things changed. If we could only use these successful examples in today’s cultures, we could see endless change. For one, we just might get those gas prices down.

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