[x] Entrusted Example of Mary a Single Mother of Two

A second example of how an entrusted system would function within a global context would be the example of its ability to function across national boarders. This example is about a hypothetical person, Mary, a single young mother of two. She is also a software engineer that takes her to jobs in different places around the world for extended periods of time. Therefore, her professional needs required that she have a political contract that would be able to transfer her service requirements to other locations in the world by being able to provide her with the professional and personal services that she would need wherever she was going.

Within a global entrusted system she would be part of a global marketplace in which she would be in a global labor force that calls for her to relocate herself and her family quite frequently to various parts of the globe. She currently lives and works in New York City but is being transferred to Sao Paulo. Her political agent as personal civil trustee would transfer her membership account to Sao Paulo by closing all of her civil trust and political trust accounts in New York City and reopening new ones in Sao Paulo.

If her personal civil trustee as political agent did not have a branch in Sao Paulo that they would be affiliated with, she would then hire a political agent in Sao Paulo before she would move there. This agent would provide her with memberships within the various civil trusts of her choice. As now a resident in Sao Paulo, Mary would automatically become a member of the new neighborhood public service cooperative in which she lived. Now she would receive her civil trust government services through the various civil trust government service accounts that were opened for her in Sao Paulo.

By hiring a personal civil trustee in Sao Paulo as her new political agent she would open a membership account with the civil trusts that she needed as well as with all of the various organizations that she wished to belong to within the city of Sao Paulo. Through her personal civil trustee in Sao Paulo she would be able to procure for herself all of the public and personal services that she needs for herself personally and her family.

She has individual needs that are both professional and personal that needed to be met as well as the needs of her children. For herself she has memberships in a health spa, opera and the philharmonic, as well as various art classes and sport clubs. These are all the personal activities that she would need no matter where she lived. She also needs a school for her eldest and childcare for her youngest as well as all of those others activities that go along with childrearing. If she required additional personal services like finding a satisfactory place to live or referrals for physicians, dentists etc her own personal civil trustee in Sao Paulo would be able to provide them for her.


3 Responses to “[x] Entrusted Example of Mary a Single Mother of Two”
  1. Alexander Bernabe says:

    It is hard to keep up with moving place to place and raising children. Not only working around the world but enjoying life as well. I guess it depends on how well her personal civil trustee works. She looks like shes living in a upper, middle class. At least she is well provided for herself and her children.

  2. Sarah Barber says:

    This currently goes on through multi-national corporations. Many corporations throughout the world have offices throughout every region of the world. Employees are free to travel to these locations and work as expatriates in the country they are working. I know the world is moving towards a global economy, however, there still exists the differences between the fundamental governments. Which country would you pay your taxes to? The home country or the visiting country?

    As the movie “Network” stated, there are no more countries, just global corporations, and their ecomonies run the world. However, I still wonder about the differences between goverments. Many countries are more socialistic than the capitalism of the United States. Wouldn’t Mary need to be happy with the basic infrastructure of a country she went to?

  3. Calvin Montano says:

    Moving from country to county is something that is starting to happen more nowadays. I myself would enjoy this because I would get toexperiece many different cultures and learn their living habits. Even with a family, I believe their is a bright side to it, too, because the family and kids get to experience many new cultures, gain new knowlege from differnent countries in academics, and would grow to be respectful of different cultures.

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