[x] Entrusted Example of Tom, a High School Student

The first example would be a hypothetical person named Tom.  The individual needs of Tom would begin at an early age and follow him throughout his life. When Tom was still a high school age student, he would have been approached by several personal civil trustees that would each offer him a package of public and government services in the form of government service accounts that would be tailored to his particular needs. Being underage, Tom, his parents and the personal civil trustees would each offer him his forthcoming government services based on his future needs.

These government services would be provided to Tom in the form of government service accounts designed to help him achieve his personal goals. Tom’s government service accounts would become his personal membership account and his own personalized government that would be held entrust for him by his own personal civil trust trustee. Tom’s personal membership account could also be used to provide him with a personal support fund that would provide him with the collateral that would allow him to purchases the public and government services that he needed.

Tom’s personal civil trust trustee would affiliate him with those organizations, associations and government service cooperatives that he felt he needed for his own personal development. Tom’s tailored set of government services would be designed to meet his needs and interests. As Tom’s interests changed, his personal civil trustee would have him open new accounts that better fit his new needs and close old accounts that were no longer necessary.

Tom would have his own personal civil trustee that would provide him with his tailored set of government services that would be designed to meet the needs of his new interest. Having their own personal civil trustee would also provide each young person with his own source for political and public information such as where to go to college or trade school or what types of insurance services etc. he should buy. Tom’s personal civil trust trustee would also be able to lookout for his personal interests by keeping him informed about what is happening within society that might affect him.

Having a personal civil trust trustee at his disposal during high school would allow Tom, if he was satisfied, to remain with his personal civil trustee even after graduation. By Tom having a personal civil trustee at his disposal that would be capable of following him throughout his life first nationally and then globally and that could change as his personal needs and wants, would change would empower Tom personally to the highest political degree possible.


3 Responses to “[x] Entrusted Example of Tom, a High School Student”
  1. Alexander Bernabe says:

    He should go with the program. Since he is lucky and has an opportunity to get the best education. He has support during high school and college. Having the highest political degree will open new careers for him. I would follow the program since the government is providing my education.

  2. Sarah Barber says:

    I like the concept, but I’m wondering who pays for all of the accounts that Tom would be utilizing in his lifetime. Is this initially funded by the government, similar to student loans, or does Tom contribute when he gets to a certain point in his life. Once Tom agrees to these goverment funded accounts, does he have to make a civil committment to work for the government? I know when students accept scholarships to any of the United States service academies, they have to make a committment to serve the United States for a number of years. Would this have the same concept?

    In a round about way isn’t this what Barack Obama did, but not quite to the extent of Tom? Barack received student loans and grants to help help pay for his college. Once graduated from Harvard he went into public service life. However, in President.Obama’s case, there was no official requirement to go back into public service.

    Who would pay for the personal civil trustee? Are these government employees or private?

  3. Sylvester Rimando says:

    To Professor Angelo Allen,

    There’s potential out there for Tom on what he plan to pursue in his life goals to seek knowledge at possibly attending a university or other educational institutions. However, to plan at achieving this type of goal requires a personal civil trustee to provide what personal interests are available for Tom.
    This is an opportunity that anyone might want to consider at fulfilling his/her life goals in the long term.

    Sylvester Rimando
    Art 101 student Spring 2013 semester
    Mon. & Thur. 1:00pm-2:55pm

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