[x] Forming Parallel Alternative Governments

This parallel system of government would be an alternative entrusted governing system that could be applied to produce or consume any form of product. A parallel system of government would be based on the entrustment between the providers of a given product and their consumers.

Social entrepreneurs would initiate business opportunities for their political clients as either government service providers or as their government service consumers. A person’s hired personal social entrepreneur would open a membership account for him or her. A person’s personal social entrepreneur would then connect them with the specialized social entrepreneurs that they needed to open the consumer accounts that they needed to receive their products trough and a provider account through which to provide their product to the public. An entrusted government system would entrust the personal responsibility of consumers with their providers. They would institutionalize their relationships into self-supporting and self-governing entrusted entities.


One Response to “[x] Forming Parallel Alternative Governments”
  1. Jessica Jadali says:

    I think forming a parallel government may actually be a good idea, it sounds to be very efficient in creating a consumer market for all people. It allows entrepreneurs the business prospect of attaining government service clients. It creates a self-propelled system that will establish entrusted entities.

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