[x] From Political Parties to Governing Parties

Political parties have alienated themselves from their constituencies because they can’t deliver to them what they told them that they could. If political parties are to become truly relevant in the lives of people they must become effective in delivering to their constituencies the kind of government that they wanted. These new political parties must also become governing parties with the capability of not only politically representing their constituency’s needs but also being able to provide them with the government services that they need.

These new kinds of pro-active governing parties would canvas their constituencies for their common needs and wants as well as make available the providers that could supply them from both internal as well as external sources. The governing party would then divide their membership according to their common needs and their entrusted providers.  Each would be provided with their own party facilitator whose duty it would be to bring together the public service consumer with the public service providers. This would allow governing parties to bring together the public sector with the private sector by providing a market for both to find each other.

When a party member has a personal need, they should be able to go to their government party representative who would then connect them with the party facilitator in charge of providing for their type of need. Governing parties could also implement an entrusted government system by providing a parallel government in the form of the civil trusts formed for the various needs of their members.


2 Responses to “[x] From Political Parties to Governing Parties”
  1. Political Parties have never existed for the benefit of the constituents that they proclaim to exist for. They exist merely for their own acquisition of wealth and to further secure their own power. The obvious flaws have become entrenched in American political ideology, and are unlikely to vanish any time soon. Sure, it would be great to have a party that stated what they proposed to accomplish. But that alienates them from gathering as many votes as possible. Thus, they remain ambivalent and leave the public wondering who and what they were voting for in the first place. The linkage systems are corrupt with money trails from 527′s, and the proletariat is eradicated from the equation.

  2. Marina Sek says:

    The problem with political parties is that they exist in the first place. So long as there are different parties representing a set of values and tenets they believe are absolute, there can never truly be a united effort to serve the best interest of the public at large they are supposed to serve.

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