[x] Gender Entrustment

Still another example of social entrustment would be gender entrustment. Social entrustment along gender lines would permit people to entrust themselves according to their gender’s needs. This would allow for the particular needs of each gender to be separately met and managed by themselves.


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  1. Maya Berko says:

    While this is a good idea, the actual actof dividing rights of women and men in the work place due to their gender is a fine line to cross. For example if the person who creates these laws trulybelieves that women dont have the power to work under emotional stress for example, they can lower a paycheck, destroy jobs, end a cultural movement of femenist ideals, and empov=wer the oblivious to take the “control” and or power they think is rightly theirs only because they arent as “emotional as women and can manage their stress. This proposd system is completel;y flawed i know personally at least 20 men who believe that they are better than women for sy=implky their genitalia and the fact that throughout our past wmen have been retrained from doing any actof social devepment of usually the price of death. How isit just that a man can call himself better just because he wasnt oppressed throughout our past. Consider the cituation reversed, men would be less than. Women would control our government, states, laws, and woiuld be the “stronger gender. It changes every perception one might have over the topic of male domination. What if when one thought of americas social domination it would be the females o our culture. imagine tha men were suppressed. It sounds inhuman in general to suppress a human based on only their physical differences. its a social injustice – not speaking from a femenist persective but just an observant and historical point of view- if the roles were switched who would be fightingfor rights>? gender should have NO effect in the determination of jobs laws or any othersocial achievement. Every man is different, and so is every women, so why generalize laws based on the stereotypes of the both? It doesnt make sense.

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