[x] Generational Entrustment

Another example of social entrustment would be entrusting ourselves generationally. People have different needs at different times of their lives.  Entrusting the needs of each generation to self-government would allow each generation the function free from the excesses of previous generations. This would force each generation to live within its means, which would give succeeding generations a debt free future to build their lives on.

Civil trusts could be formed to provide for the needs of the young, beginning during a person’s school years. It would be able to follow them throughout their lives and change as their members changed.  Entrusting each generation with the capability to manage itself according to their own needs would allow them to change when the needs of their members required it. This would allow for the situations that occur during any period of time to be managed directly by those most affected by them.

Civil trusts could be formed to provide for the particular needs of the old as well as the young. The old have needs that are particular to them. Their needs would become a collective targeted market for the private sector providers to service as would be the case for the young.

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