[x] Preservation Entrustment

Another example of social entrustment would be to protect and preserve certain parts of the natural environment or wildlife. This would allow wetlands and other protected territories and seas to be held in trust by those that would care about it the most.  It would also allow particular species to be protected by the groups of people that would have the most interest in seeing to their preservation.


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  1. Dawna Langford says:

    This is a very important issue. With so many species of animals and plants already endangered we owe it to ourselves and future generations to do something about it and do it now.

  2. Jessica Jadali says:

    I think it is a wonderful idea to sign off certain areas of the environment to be kept by the people who actually care to see these endangered species or lands survive. It is a very imperative issue that needs to be addressed, our environment is diminishing day by day and it is not getting any better. Someone needs to take the initiative and begin to look after our environment after all we are the ones who need to live in it.

  3. Jessica Delijani says:

    This is very true, wildlife preservation is so important, not only because animals out there are slowly dieing off and we need to help them, but also because these animals give us an insight into the role of animals in the past and why. Animals are being mistreated and stripped of there homes throughout the world, we need to stop industrializing for a while and allow wildlife to reprosper.

  4. Sylvester Rimando says:

    To Professor Angelo Allen,

    This issue is very valuable for the certain types of species to be protected. There is an awareness of these species listed as either “Least Concerned”, “Endangered”, and “Extinct” that needs to be addressed to salvage for preservation of the natural environment.
    I’m very astonished to hear that there are caring people whom cherished to retain the wildlife and nature for future generations.

    Sylvester Rimando
    Art 101 student Spring 2013 semester
    Mon. & Thur. 1:00pm-2:55pm

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