[x] Cultural Entrustment

Another example of social entrustment would be our cultural entrustment. Social trusts could be formed to maintain our existing cultures. This would allow all those that would wish to maintain a particular type of ethnicity or community to entrust themselves together in order to achieve it.

Social entrustment could also be used to form new types of cultures designed to achieve particular results and maintain them. This would allow new cultures to form around the needs of particular interests like the arts and sciences as well as developing certain professions or producing new ones.


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  1. Aida Akhavan says:

    To belong to a community or to come from a certain ethnic background makes for a more meaningful life. Wether it is a community brought together by religious believes or common appreciation for art, politics, books or etc, we all need to belong. The idea of god is the most global sense of social entrustment as it is the universal symbol of belonging to the human race. Within believing in god, religions are created, but unfortunately people forget that they all have a common entrustment and they start wars and genocides and massacres in the name of religion and god.

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