[x] Medical Entrustment

An example of an entrusted form of self-government would be to socially entrust our medical industry. This would require that each medical condition be given its own civil trust consisting of all of the doctors, institutions, manufacturers, hospitals and patients involved with the condition. All of the various participants of a given medical condition would within their own civil trust have their own hired trustee to represent their interests and concerns to everyone else.

Since a civil trust would also be its own legislative body, the hired representatives of the doctors, institutions, manufacturers, hospitals and patients would be able to govern their relationships in the best interests of all concerned.

This would permit all of the members’ concerns with a medical condition to know the needs and capabilities of all those involved in its consumption and production. Medically it would bring together all of those involved with a particular medical condition which would help in tracking a condition, researching it and providing for its patients and healthcare providers.

This would place all medical conditions within their own civil trusts that together would be apart of a greater medical industry that could be self-supporting and self-governed by those most directly involved with each particular condition.


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  1. Dawna Langford says:

    Medical care for all is a big issue. It would be wonderful if nobody needed to worry that they could not get the medical they need. It is a horrible that our country does not provided us with a way for all to be taken care of. So much money floating around and so many people not able to afford heath care. This is a real tragedy.

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