(pt22) Civilly Institutionalizing Relationships Through Entrustment

(1c) Civil trusts…

Every type of social relationship that people want to maintain between themselves in order to consume and/or provide a particular product would be entrusted into its own civil trust that would be designed to administer its particular needs.

Cooperativism would create sustainable social relationships by entrusting people together into civil trusts in which they would be formed into cooperative relationships with one another for their mutual benefit. The cooperative relationships needed between people would be formed into civil trusts that would actually be cooperative trusts designed to maintain a particular kind of relationship. A civil trust would institutionalize those relationships with one another that people would have commonly entrusted to themselves.

Civil trusts would cooperatively organize our social and political relationships into entrusted relationships. The entrusted relationships would be relationships entrusted together to achieve a particular social purpose. Entrusted relationships would be based on the responsibility that the participants would have toward one another.

Entrusted government would be a system of civil trusts that would allow every kind of social relationship to be separately managed for its own participants by their own specialized civil trustees. A civil trust would be designed to maintain a self-regulating relationship that would be managed by its own specialized civil trustees. Within an entrusted government system each common problem of society would be civilly entrusted into its own civil trust by their own consumer and provider specialized civil trustees.

Together both the consumer and producer specialized civil trustees would manage the civil trust for their members’ interests. They would together maintain the civil trusts that would constitute the entrusted government system to service the needs and wants of their civil clients that they would then manage for them. This would allow each relationship to be governed independently for the benefit of those within the relationship.

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