(pt20) The Third Part of the Entrusted Government System, its Civil Trusts

(1a) Civil trusts…

The problem with our current society is that people have lost confidence in the institutions that they once believed in. What is needed is to bring back our belief in our institutions, in ourselves, and our relationships with one another. We need societies capable of instilling trust in one another and the transactions that we make between each other. This means that we need to know that the transactions that we are engaging in with each other are honest and fair.

Only when we can expect to receive from our exchange what we actually entered the relationship to receive will we have the confidence to openly and freely exchange our products with one another.  And this can only be achieved by institutionalizing our relationships with each other and entrusting ourselves to one another within civil trusts of our own making.


2 Responses to “(pt20) The Third Part of the Entrusted Government System, its Civil Trusts”
  1. Melissa Constantin says:

    Yes, I agree to the fact that a lot of people have lost hope and confidence in the institutions they once used to believe in. I firmly believe the main reason for that is the change of our economical status. The economy is not doing well, which has put a strain on many families. It has made people very weak and lose hope in the institutions who promised and did not deliver.
    Honesty and trust are key to make sure these “transactions” are being done the correct way. To bring back belief in our institutions and ourselves, we need to work on our relationships with one another and stop playing dirty political games. Then, and only then this society can improve and finally trust again.
    If there is no hope to a better future, there really is very little to no motivation, when motivation is the only drive people have sometimes.

  2. Avinash Dayal says:

    It’s very true that in order to conduct fair business, there needs to be a trust between all parties. In ancient India all business transactions were conducted verbally and in confidence through honorable trust. The Greeks and the Romans were amazed at this custom of honest and honorable conduct. Even today millions of dollars are exchanged between Indian businessmen of the diamond industry conducting transactions through verbal agreements. It is important that there be trust in a fair exchange in all business transactions for the economy to flourish once again.

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