(pt18) The Second Part of the Entrusted Government System, its Consumer and Producer Based Specialized Civil Trustees

(1a) Consumer and producer based specialized civil trustees…

Cooperativism sees all forms of social relationships and that includes social organizations as consisting of those that want a product and those that want to provide them with it. The political formations that would organize cooperative society would be provided within political Cooperativism, which would be the cooperative formation of the institutions of society.

Political Cooperativism would be applied to the public by three kinds of social entrepreneurs.

(1)      The first type of social entrepreneurs was explained in blog (pt13), and dealt with each person’s personal civil trustee, and how he would be their primary civil trustee because they would be the one that they would turn to for help.

(2)      The second type of social entrepreneurs would be the consumer and producer based specialized civil trustees that would provide a person with the entrusted affiliations that they would need in order to receive products that they wanted.

(3)      The third type of social entrepreneurs would be the political trustees that would be hired to politically represent people at particular functions or to politicallly arrange to achieve particular purposes.

All of these social entrepreneurs would be licensed to provide government service products to the public. These social entrepreneurs would be able to supply government services to people on an individual basis and then organize their similar needs and wants into their own entrusted governments.

Every person would participate within an entrusted system of government by hiring their own personal civil trustee who would become the person through which they would participate within cooperative society. In order to provide their civil clients with government products, a person’s personal civil trustees would link them to the various consumer and provider based specialized civil trustees that would be able to provide them with what they needed.

Specialized civil trustees as social entrepreneurs would be activists that would pro-actively go into the community to assess the needs of the public and then develop ways of dealing with them. Within political Cooperativism the specialized civil trustees would divide a community into its own consumers and providers according to their common needs and wants.

Specialized civil trustees would supply people with their selection of government service providers that they would have organized for them to choose from. Through the personalized government service product providers supplied to them by their specialized civil trustees, each person would select their own personal products.

Each person would then hire the government service providers that they needed to provide them with the kind of government services that they wanted from those supplied to them by their specialized civil trustees.  This would allow each person to construct the kind of government that they wanted for him or herself , one government service at a time.

Both the consumer and producer based specialized civil trustees would come together to entrust their members government service needs and capabilities into their own civil trust where they could self-manage their relationship.  These specialized civil trustees would compete with one another in providing the public with their common government services.  If a person felt that their government service providers were not providing them with the type of government services that they wished for, they would simply fire them and replace them with new ones that could.

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