(pt17) Personal Attorney able to Protect their Civil Clients

(1e) Personal civil trustees…

Another function of a person’s hired personal civil trustee, beyond being their political representative would be as their personal attorney. This means that a person’s personal civil trustee would be able to intercede on their civil clients behalf as well as politically represent their interests within the greater society.  A person’s personal civil trustee could also be the person’s personal advocate and someone that they would be able to go to, to intercede on their behalf for both personal as well as political reasons.

This would provide a person with someone on their side when they needed it. Each person would then have someone that they could go to, to assess any major purchases that they would undertake. Having a personal civil trustee would give a person the confidence to freely do business within the larger community because they would feel protected.  Giving a person a personal civil trustee would provide them with someone on their side that they could avail themselves of that would be able too protect them from corporate or government abuse that they felt they were being subjected to.

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