(pt16) Social Entrepreneurs as Government Service Providers

(1d) Personal civil trustees…

Cosmopoly would be about implementing Cooperativism in all of its forms. Within Cooperativism society would be seen as a social market. Within this social market, political relationships would be provided according to the tenants of political Cooperativism. Within political Cooperativism, politics would be provided to the public within a political marketplace in which the people would hire the social entrepreneurs that they need to provide them with the kind of government services that they want.

Political Cooperativism would be a system based on civil entrustments that would be organized in a cooperative manner. This system of civil entrustment would be provided by groups of social entrepreneurs that would act as government service brokers designed to provide government services to the public in the form of civil and political trusts.

Social entrepreneurs would be businesses that would be licensed to function in a government manner to provide the public with its government services. These social entrepreneurs would both cooperate and compete with each other in providing the public with their entrusted government services.

It would begin with providing political representation in order to present a common public problem. As each common public problem would develop, social entrepreneurs would be hired by the public to form either a civil or political trust for them depending on the purpose they are to be used for. This would also make each person the civil client of the personal civil trustee that they would hire.

Whenever a person had a need for some kind of government service, they would hire a personal civil trustee to provide them with the services that they wanted. Personal civil trustees would be social entrepreneurs that would provide the public with entrusted government service providers for them to choose from. Together these civil and political trusts would form the various institutions that would make-up the entrusted government system.

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