(pt15) Public Lobbying

(1c) Personal civil trustees…

When a group of people needed political representation over the long run on an issue of extreme importance to them, they would go to their personal civil trustee who would put them in contact with the political representative that was lobbying for the issue of concern to them. This ability of the people to lobby those that they wish to influence concerning the issues that they were personally interested in would also allow them to keep up the political pressure on those that they wish to influence which would permit the people to take a direct part in seeing to the resolution of their own problems.

A system of hired public lobbyists based around the public issues of concern to them would provide the people with a representative system that would allow them to pressure their lawmakers into doing what is right for the people that they are suppose to represent. This public lobbying would also keep lawmakers informed on how the people felt about them and the particular issues of concern to them. The forming of public lobbies in the United States for example would allow the people to check the interests of the corporate lobbyists that now dominate the agenda of our governments at all levels.

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