(pt14) Hiring our Own Personal Political Representative

(1b) Personal civil trustees…

Each personal civil trustee would provide their clients with a system of hired political representation for all of the various forms of government representation that they needed. A person’s personal representative would politically represent them at all levels of government that they would need to deal with as well as to the private industries that they would have to do business with.

Each personal civil trustee is a personal advocate and personal representative that would function in both private and political matters.  This would give each person within society their own personal representative that would be personally available to him and her. People would then have their own political representative to present their individual issues to those people and institutions of concern and interest to him or her.

A person’s personal advocate would politically represent their civil clients on only those issues of concern to them and then only when they wanted to politically participate.

Each person’s personal civil trustee would be their personal advocate and be able to provide their political clients with tailored political representation that would allow for a form of political participation to develop when the individual person wanted it.

Whenever someone wished to have their voice heard on an issue of importance to him, he would hire their personal civil trustee to link him together with all those that politically had the same issue of concern. This would make a person’s political participation count by adding their voice to those with the same feelings and concerns.

This would also allow all political participation to be hired when they were needed and by those individuals that had an interest in the political issue of concern to them. This direct form of hired political representation would also result in eliminating the need for a system of elections like we now have.


One Response to “(pt14) Hiring our Own Personal Political Representative”
  1. Samantha Safir says:

    I really like this idea. Our politicians are already collecting good saleries and great health insurance that is paid by us. So, why can’t can’t we get real representation and services from them? Personal trustees would really care about delivery of service to people and not only think of its relection and such..

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