(pt13) The First Part of an Entrusted Government System, its Personal Civil Trustees

(1a) Personal civil trustees…

In a world of increasing complexity in which the individual person feels increasingly isolated and disempowered, an entrusted government system would give each person a personal advocate to whom he or she could go to for all things political, social and even personal.  Imagine a system where each person would have their own political advocate that would be at their disposal and would protect their personal interests as well as help them achieve their personal goals and aspirations. This system of organization would result in developing a state of Cosmopoly in which each person’s personal identity as well as their social and political affiliations would be the result of their own choices.

The unspoken secret that politicians do not want to hear is that people really do not want to have to politically participate in governance.  What people want is to have a system of government that works for them without their having to directly participate in its process.  What people really want is convenience and a system in which they would have to provide the least amount of personal participation in order to procure their own government services.  Because people really don’t like politics, I created my system based on hired personalized political representation and affiliation.

People would really like to receive their government services from only one person that would be personally responsible to them and to whom they would go for all of their government service needs. The one person that each person would be able to go to for their individual help would be their own personal civil trustee. These personal civil trustees would be social entrepreneurs that would be licensed to provide the public with augmented government services that would be tailored to their personal needs.

These personal civil trustees would be the ones that a person would go to when they needed government services or political representation as well as for their own personal legal protection. When a person hires a personal civil trustee, that person becomes a political client of the personal civil trustee.  The personal civil trustee would be the one that would connect a person with all of the other forms of entrusted government that they would be affiliated with. A person’s personal civil trustee would also provide their civil clients with their personalized government connection to the greater world.

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