(pt7) From A Cooperative Way Of Thinking To A Cooperative Way Of Reorganizing Ourselves

Because the foundation for any future societies will have to be based on our common natural environment, we will need to see ourselves in a new way in which we are interconnected with each other on a physical level in which we are physically one with the natural environment from which we come.

Future societies will have to base themselves on the capabilities of the natural environment to sustain them without adversely affecting it. This means that we will also have to come to see our relationship with each other socially in a more sustainable way. Only a sustainable relationship with each other and with our natural environment will allow us to construct the kinds of sustainable societies that we will need to meet our global problems in a local way.

A sustainable relationship is a mutual relationship in which the participants need one another’s basic cooperation in order to maintain themselves. This is the definition of living within a cooperative existence and the foundation upon which Cooperativism would see itself.

Cooperativism would be designed to change our perspective with the world to a cooperative one where we would live in a cooperative way with each other as well as the natural world around us.  It would be about seeing ourselves in a cooperative relationship with all things and recognizing the cooperative responsibility that they would have toward them.

This cooperative way of thinking would lead to us reorganizing ourselves in a cooperative way, which is a sustainable way with the things that we need from the natural world as well as from each other. This sustainable existence would be made possible by entrusting our relationships with each other, which would make us responsible to one another and with the natural world for our relationships with them.

Seeing our relationship with the world and ourselves within it in a more cooperative way will lead us to a new way of organizing ourselves that would reflect our cooperative way of seeing ourselves.  Reorganizing ourselves cooperatively according to our common needs and wants would result in our organizing in a more efficient and sustainable way with each other and the natural environment that we all depend on.


2 Responses to “(pt7) From A Cooperative Way Of Thinking To A Cooperative Way Of Reorganizing Ourselves”
  1. Siobhan M. Art 101 says:

    I agree that we need to change what the normal perspective is toward the world. Many people are so busy and absorbed with their own lives that we as humans are destroying Earth and people are just letting it progressively get worse. If we all could come together and set better boundaries and create more efficient laws to protect our environment we might be able to save this planet. Unfortunantly I do not see that being a resonable outcome. So many cultures view things differently based on culture, religion and personal beliefs. Hopefully we, as the so called smartest species on Earth, can come to a solution to this problem.

  2. Albo says:

    Gabriel: for the computer exlapme, she also failed to mention that many parts CAN be re-used in a computer. Often you can get away with just upgrading the CPU and motherboard, and maybe the RAM. The expansion cards, DVD/CD drives, hard drive, and the case can often be re-used.Not to mention that computers are good for quite a long time, as long as your needs/wishes don’t grow for a faster machine. My parents, who surf the web, play MP3s, and do word documents, are still using their Celeron 1.1 computer that they bought sometime around 2000. I clean the spyware off it from time to time, and it works just fine (not even all that slow). I only replaced my last computer because it got toasted. Learn from my mistake: don’t disconnect USB devices without ejecting or stopping them in Windows first!

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