(pt6) Forming Governments That Work For The People

Societies work for those for whom they were created. That’s why monarchies worked well for monarchs and democracies worked well for the bourgeoisie and religious societies worked well for their clerics. This means that if a society designed to work for the people is to be created, then it must be formed by the people that it is meant to serve.

Therefore, these future societies would have to be designed around their people’s common needs and wants. That means that these new societies would need to be formed by those they would be meant to serve. The only mechanism that would be capable of allowing for different societies to development independently at the same time would be a social and political market mechanism upon which the various societies of the future would have to develop themselves. This would make our future societies flexible enough to be applied to any situation and for any reason.

For the kind of flexible future societies to develop that would be capable to apply itself to the common problems of its members, they would have to come to see each other as existing within a mutual relationship where each member sees their relationship to the others in a cooperative way where they support each other in achieving their mutual goals.


3 Responses to “(pt6) Forming Governments That Work For The People”
  1. The cooperative terms in which this socialist economy would flourish would take considerable effort, and a complete restructuring of the oppressive, representative structure in which we live now. As far as political market mechanisms, it seems that that is the way in which the global market is going. The acquisition of money is supreme, and as competition increases, our economies would theoretically serve us better if they centered more around the market.

  2. Jessica Delijani says:

    This is very true government are only successful if the body that it is governing accepts that form of government. In the past we see civilzations that have changed government forms many times and this is due to the fact that the citizens stopped being happy with that form of government. So as people and there acceptances in government change so does government forms.

  3. Catherine Vileisis says:

    Governments are only successful if the group that it is governing accepts that particular form of government. Over the years, we have observed civilizations that have changed government forms various times because that specific type of government obviously was not commanding successful over that group of people. Also, laws and ideas in government are always being updated with our ever changing, modern society. Its no wonder many governments must change the way they rule to satisfy both the people and the society.

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