(pt5) Redefining The Market

The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the corporations and free marketeers is the domination of the definition of the market. They have used the market as an ultimate ideal that they claim we are all a part of and that they and we must, therefore, adhere to. One of the problems that we face today is that the needs of the corporations now dictate our course of action.  It is to their health and welfare that those who work for them and those that are serviced by them must provide for if their own situations as people are to be maintained.

As long as we see them as our masters, they will dictate our futures and we will be their servants. We must show them for what they really are by redefining the method by which they justify all of their actions, the market. The corporations have used the market as an excuse for their irresponsibility toward the people that work for them as well as the people that they serve, not to mention the natural environment that they exploit. They see the market as being amoral.

We must change the definition of the market from one of it being irresponsible and it being any exchange that occurs between a buyer and a seller regardless of its outcome, to the market being based on the responsibility that those participating in it had to one another in providing them with the mutual satisfaction in the exchange of their product. Irresponsible markets are not based on any results.  Responsible markets are markets based on their result.

Redefining the market in social terms would remove its use to justify the legitimate deceit of the consumer in a market relationship! We must turn the market into a moral mechanism that dispenses honesty and transparency. Then, when the corporate world claims that their actions were forced on them because of the market, we will be able to judge them according to the results that occurred.

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