(pt3) Global Problems Global Solutions

The problem with our current society is that people have lost confidence in the institutions that they once believed in. They have shown us that their interests and ours are not the same and never really were. Their true colors have become evident to all and that is that their interests are and always have been foremost on their mind.

What is, therefore, needed is to bring back our belief in our institutions and that means in providing new institutions capable of cementing our relationships with one another. In order to achieve this what we need are societies capable of instilling trust in the transactions that we make with one another. We need to know that the transactions that we are engaging in with one another are honest and fair.

Only then will we be able to socially exchange our hopes and dreams with one another and receive from their exchanges what we hope to receive from it. In order to achieve this we need to break the monopoly that traditional government systems have had.

The global problems that we are increasingly encountering require that we create a radical new way of seeing ourselves within the world and a new way of organizing ourselves accordingly. Not only a new form of government would be needed, but the way that it would be formed would also have to be done differently. A new form of government would have to provide the same kind of services only in a more personal and individual way.


3 Responses to “(pt3) Global Problems Global Solutions”
  1. Samantha Safir says:

    In the core it is a basically a great idea. A lot of people are disillusioned with current government that does not represent our interests. People will have to put aside their prejudice and fears and embrace the idea of new form of government.

  2. Jamie Eustice says:

    This is a beautiful idea but the reality is trust has been lost and trust is the most difficult thing to gain back. In my own personal experience i have lost a lot of respect and trust in our very own police force. I had an incident occur where my family was the victim and instead of us being the priority and the basis for help we were not only cast aside but attempted to be persecuted for someone elses reckless crime. I didn’t want to share too much but basically what happened was a drunk driver crashed into both my mothers and fathers cars that were parked in front of our house, in the middle of the night. The drunk driver was stuck at the end of our street due to the damages of his car. My brother and has friend were outside and witnessed the whole thing. They immediately went over to the car to make sure he could not get away. Me and the rest of my family came outside, my dad was trying to talk to the guy who did it but he was too beligerant. My dad kept trying to get him out of the car so once again he could not get away. I was standing about 5 feet away when the man floored his car into reverse and drove off. A few moments later the police arrive passing right by the driver. We told them frantically the guy was just leaving go get him! and instead the officers thought it necessary to not go after the drunk driver but to question my father as to whether or not he touched the drunk driver, insinuating that he hit the driver. What does that tell you about our police force? They are more intersted in the easy target rather than the justice of puting someone who does a serious crime away. I personally have lost complete faith after being questioned when the law offender was ever so clear. Your idea of unified trustworthy institutions that work for us is a beautiful concept but i will not believe it until i see because of this horendous and ever so frustrating experience. I myself will do my best to avoid these state, government institutions because they are no longer working for us they are working for themselves.

  3. Dianna Nomanim says:

    I somewhat agree with your idea because there are so many citizens that are frustrated with the government for the reason that it doesn’t perform or carry out the well being state of mind of the citizens. For example, hospital emergency rooms are so upsetting because in the case of an emergency, you shouldn’t have to wait as long as they make you wait. Or police officers, they would rather spend their time roaming the streets trying to find reason to pull someone over when they could be eliminating violence in our societies. But if people tried to go through with the new form of government, our society could really pull itself together and become a more safe, happy environment.

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