(pt2) Thinking Out of the Box

In these times our institutions have failed us and have shown us that their interests are not the same as the people that they claim to be serving. The problems confronting us seem to be getting ever greater and the need for a new way of organizing ourselves that would allow us to meet these new challenges has become imperative.

What I will present on my website in the next months will be an introduction to my forthcoming book entitled Cosmopoly. It provides us with a method of taking our country back from the corporations that today dominate it and their government conspirators that do their bidding. It will also present my idea of Cooperativism, which will provide us with a new cooperative way of seeing ourselves within the world.

I will also show how within a state of Cosmopoly we can create a system of social and political organization that would be determined by those that are to receive its services rather than by those that are providing them. It will be a system designed to empower the people by forming itself around our common needs and wants. This new system would be designed to grow and change with us. It would be fashioned to help us become the best at the things that we want to do.

I encourage readers to contact me by commenting on my blog because I would like to start a dialog as to where we should be going as a society and how we might get there.


One Response to “(pt2) Thinking Out of the Box”
  1. Abigail says:

    I think one interesting perspective to take into consideration is the influence of media and technology in our current society, and how it would effect this “Cosmopoly”. Whether you are for it or against it, technology and media have a HUGE influence on the way our society functions and progresses. The mass media pretty much defines the way we see the world (and are especially influential to newer generations) , while innovations in technology over the years have let humans connect in ways previously unheard of. So should it have a part in this new society, or shouldn’t it? If a “Cooperative” society is designed to “provide us with a new cooperative way of seeing ourselves within the world”, wouldn’t eliminating media and technology be prudent to its development? Then again, media and technology have allowed us to get, send, and pretty much do anything with information. The simplicity (to some) that technology offers could be a boost for this new society. So would you want it, or would you not want it? Just something to think about.

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