(pt1) Returning to Blogging

Let me first apologies for my absence. Last August I had to undergo a Laminectomy and I’ve had a hard recovery that has prevented me from working on the computer. But now I’m feeling fit enough to start blogging again.

Many of you know that I have been writing a book entitled Cosmopoly. What I want to start providing is an introduction to the concepts within my book because I want to start a dialog about how we can reorganize ourselves to meet the new problems that we now face and will continue to face in the future.

We are in one of those times in human history where the ways that things where done in the past are being replaced by how things will need to be done in the future. We are being forced to redefine ourselves according to the new situations that we are increasingly finding ourselves in. Where this will lead to and how we will get there will depend on how we interact with one another in trying to achieve our common concerns and interests. For the first time in human history the world will be what we make of it. We have the power within ourselves to remake the world in our own image.


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  1. Osama Shahzad says:

    Your blog gives me hope more than anything else Professor. It is nice to know that we can actually change this world to something more positive and progressive than what it is today. This reminds me of the story of Geoffrey Canada. He was able to change Harlem to a more progressive inner city. A city where crime rates have finally dropped and kids are more likely to finish high school. A truly inspirational story. There is one problem however, if we all tried to make the world in our image, then wouldn’t conflict also ensue? Wouldn’t everyone want to create the world in their own image.

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