Redefining the Market in our Favor

How do we begin to recreate ourselves into the kind of societies that we want to be?  The first phase of changing society is to defang the tiger.  What I mean by the tiger is the definition of the market, because we now hold the market as sacrosanct and many believe that it is beyond reproach. The corporate world and governments all feel that their actions are governed by the hand of the market. In fact we have made the market our god and we have become its worshipers.

But what actually is the market? Well, to many Capitalists the market is seen as a means to an end and that is a means to making a profit. How that profit was made was incidental as long as a profit was made. The market has come to be used for any transaction regardless of the nefarious nature of its results.

But, is the market really any exchange of goods and services regardless of its outcome? This has been the way that our present corporate culture has viewed itself in relationship to us as the public. We, the public, have become a labor market that corporations can choose from and a product market that they can sell their goods to.

In today’s world the underlying concept that has dominated the social relationships of people and has determined the political relationships that their national states have to take is that the market determines all things correctly. We have become a slave to this doctrine of market dominance that now determines whether we have employment and how much the products that we buy through it will cost.

The market has become the foundation upon which the corporate relationships of the world have been justified.  It is in the pursuit of ever growing profits that has now become the norm and how all business should expect to be conducted. But what is a market really? Is it only a mechanism that we used to exploit oneanother with? We must take the market away from those that just use it for their own narrow gains and redefine it for ourselves.

The market process is a social contract between two or more people to provide each other with what they each want from their relationship. This naturally means that the market is not about taking advantage of the other in the relationship, but instead making sure that the other receives from the relationship what they expected to get from it.

Therefore, the market is actually the creation of a cooperative relationship between those that wish for something particular and those that are willing to provide it. A true market is the purest form of human interrelationship. It provides both within a relationship to have what they expect to receive from it.

A market is actually a socializing instrument that brings people together by promoting social commerce. It is a mutually supportive relationship and not an exploitive one, like the one that we the people are in with the corporations that today dominate our society. We must hold corporations to this new standard of mutual responsibility if we are going to fundamentally change our relationships with them.


5 Responses to “Redefining the Market in our Favor”
  1. Has no one from class checked out your blog? These topics are more relevant than the garbage being propagandized on CNN and all the major networks!

  2. J'Darren Santos says:

    I completely agree with you. There are too many people corrupting and exploiting the market, injuring our Economy. I believe that those are the reasons that have lead to the downturn of our economy. If affirmative action isn’t taken against these kind of acts, then soon enough, our Economic crisis may get even worse.

  3. Daryl Arouchian says:

    I agree completely with what you have said, the market and the corporations that control it should not be as powerful over us like they already are. It is because of our over dependence on the market that got us into the rut we are currently in.

  4. Genoveva Poblano says:

    I agree the market is a place where people are supposed to share ideas and trade. I also see that many of the corporations today dominating the people in our society. From the larger companies buying off the smaller ones just to gain more locations and completely obliterate the competition for their own profit. I believe that the problem is that society is way too consumed with the thought of making money. Money has become the center of all of society’s actions. When in fact money is worthless and more and more of it is printed everyday. In fact money is just created out of thin air and serves no real function to society. If you want to look more into this I recommend watching a documentary called the Zeitgeist, found at

  5. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Many people decide to buy stock in order make fast money without even educating themselves on “the game” known as investing. They usually go forth based on rumors, guessing, the news and so forth. However, the proper way to take a position in the stock market is by identifying valid trade setups, risk to reward ratios, and trigger points. Many people have lost their homes with their lack of knowledge. The stock market is a risky investment and people have to know what they are doing or else they will literally have to pay for being inexperienced.

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