Problem Determined Change

If history teaches us anything, it teaches us that we are the result of what we have had to overcome. Every era is a result of the inabilities of the pervious era in meeting the problems that arose.  In the past, change dictated what would develop and today is no exception. We have entered the next era of human development know as globalization. This globalization that began with finance and industrialization has now become cultural and popular, which has resulted in creating a new level of global social consciousness in which our problems are seen to be global in nature requiring a global response.


6 Responses to “Problem Determined Change”
  1. Kenneth Cachola says:

    I would have to agree with you, Mr. Allen. The world isn’t what is was back then. Society is more concern what is in their wallet, than what is in front of them, nature. We drive back home, thinking only one thing, and that is money. Never cautious what is in front of them; the beautiful weather or just the birds chirping in the air. Sadly, I am one of those people, who want knowledge not just for the sake of inteligence, but the money, aswell. I am well aware of Abrham Maslow, hierarchy, and I believe the fastest way going up, is through a well paying job.

  2. Jared Brizuela says:

    History does change our views and betters us as a world, and can also develop our world as well. We learn from history whether it repeats itself or not. Development can be global, but it starts in one human being after another. Globalization starts with one person having the thought of change. correct me if i’m wrong. The only way change can happen is in groups, and this blog makes sense. What i’m trying to say is that learning from our history can change our future as a whole.

  3. History has shown us problems that have troubled our ancestors, as well as they ways in which they solved their crises. This of course, needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as the legitimacy of history is lacking. However, we can use it as a template to learn from and potentially help us solve the problems we face today. Globalization today, however, is vastly different. How are we to solve the problems involving popular culture expansion and other fiscal responsibilities? It is an issue that will surely grow.

  4. Samantha Safir says:

    I think that because our geographical location and lack of cultural history we are lagging behind other countries in joining global social consciousness. Although we are trying to be politically correct, we do not embrace the cultural globalization. We accept financial and industrial globalization by dictating our terms and power. We definitely have to learn and accept other countries cultures and ways of life.

  5. Art 101: JDelijani says:

    I agree our society has resulted from changes and decisions that arose in the past. This is how the evolution of the human race occurs; the reason our society is completely different from how it was 2000 years ago is due to decisions and changes made that directly affected the future which causes change slowly over time. This change has in deed caused the new era of globalization in which all of our cultures and society have basically become one. It is due to the past technological revolution that globalization has occurred and more universal communication and entertainment has virtually infused the different cultures around the world into one. Although the infusion now is not at extreme affect, overtime if we allow globalization to spread even more, significant aspects of different cultures will be lost forever.

  6. Kelly Forrest says:

    I agree with this but I feel as though many individuals would be unable to understand this perspective. Seeing as a global response would require many to work together and see things from different points of view, I feel as though many people are simply to selfish to even care about issues that are not affecting them or even their country. The world would be an ideal place if each person would work together to fix the problems that affect the planet as a whole; however, it is upsetting to know that some people do not have good intentions and would rather exploit the planet’s resources and fellow inhabitants rather than to help them and create a more positive environment. History has proven that some people are simply evil (Hitler, for instance) and would rather use their power for evil rather than good.

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