Institutionalizing Human Experiences through Culture

Societies form cultures to maintain the common experiences needed by its members to collectively maintain their society. Culture institutionalizes our human experiences. It defines what our human relationships should be.

Culture both defines those individuals that identify themselves with the culture as well as being redefined by its own membership. Therefore, culture can change through its own membership by adopting additional things or by them rejecting things that were once believed to be sacrosanct.


9 Responses to “Institutionalizing Human Experiences through Culture”
  1. Kenneth Cachola says:

    One person lives life through many cultures. For example, I live the life through the wrestling culture, and filipino culture, I know some things that other do not know because they aren’t involve in a particular culture. I believe it’s what seprates me from my friends, family, and strangers, same goes with them. I also, believe it molds us to who we are, today.

  2. Jared Brizuela says:

    I am currently taking a Speech class dealing with culture, and human experiences have to deal with other cultures and their own to realize what they are. Identifying oneself is just one of the many experiences people go through in their life. Socializing with other people helps shapen the way they think and react to their surroundings. When a person identifys his or herself, they have to know their own culture as well. Knowing their own values, norms, and beliefs, helps them know who they are compared to other people. Relationships with other humans can be molded into either bad experiences or good ones.

  3. Ateka Husain says:

    A culture gives an identity to its member apparently. One represents their culture by following some part of it. Different cultures make society colorful. Through journey of life, people experience different things and come across with different culture with some information of what culture they belong. People’s view of culture matters as well; if they find themselves trapped, they free themselves by not following it.

  4. Osama Shahzad says:

    In my opinion, culture is what makes us human. Without culture and our collective history that essentially makes our culture we as humans might have been no different that great apes. What is even more interesting is (as I heard you say before) is if human beings had evolved not into one species but several different ones. We never would have developed culture if that was the case. We would be too busy trying to kill one another. And although we may have individual culture for each species like we have for almost every nationality of this world, it would have evolved drastically different then what we have today.

  5. Maya Berko says:

    Culture is something that i use to define myself. i surround myself everyday with a different cultures ideals practices, foods? all of these thing help me learn and appreciate the civilization from the past and the ones we have created for our future. Culture is what creates and seperates us all as individuals, it grows and evolves over time to adapt to the current state of the world. It is a living organism that truly inspires me to live my life to the fullest, and to see what new and inspiring cultures lay ahead.

  6. Michelle Betancourt says:

    Culture is definitely something that evolves and changes as time passes. Personally, coming from a mother who is Mexican and a father who is Portuguese there are different customs that i have grown up with. Therefore, I will continue to practice both customs and this will create a different kind of culture that I will pass on to my children. Culture is something that I am proud of and really defines who I am as person.

  7. Jessica Jadali says:

    My opinion is that culture is what seperates us from the animals that roam this earth, it characterizes us all in different ways. Culture may be defined in many ways where as people may see it in the form of food, art, dance, or tradition these all set us apart but cntinue to join us together as a people. over time it evolves and accomidates our lives to allow us to experience it to the fullest

  8. Sylvester Rimando says:

    To Professor Angelo Allen,

    From where I’m from (the Philippines),
    I had experienced the adaptations of my homeland. My country had a long history as a Spanish colony and as well a U.S. territory that flow with a mix of Spanish, English, and Tagalog languages. The Filipinos had adopted the customs of the Spanish and Americans in a timely manner that defines their cultural experiences.

    Sylvester Rimando
    Art 101 student Spring 2013 semester
    Mon. & Thur. 1:00pm-2:55pm

  9. Catherine Vileisis says:

    In my opinion, culture is what makes us human. Without culture, we as humans might have been no different than the apes about 2 million years ago. One thing I know to be true is that human beings have evolved not into one species but several diverse ones. If this had not occurred, we would be too busy trying to kill one another and fight for survival. Culture is different from every country and makes up who we truly are. Some people have trouble accepting other cultural beliefs and traditions, but I think it should bring humans even closer as a society.

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