Dominant and Sub-Dominant Cultures

In order to be able to understand culture, it is important to see it in terms of what it actually was instead of what we imagine it to be. Cultures are born, absorbed and die. What is most important is not the cultures of the past, but the cultures that we will create for ourselves in the future.

In the multi-cultural world that we live in we have come to believe that all cultures are the same in term of their contemporary and historical effects. While this idea is a very democratic way of trying to be all-inclusive, the truth is that every era had one culture that dominated the others.

This dominant culture was the one that people used on a daily basis. It was also always the one against which all of the other sub-dominant cultures had to define themselves against. Throughout history there have always been dominant cultures that defined the era and sub-dominant cultures that had to follow the lead of the dominant ones. The difference between dominant and sub-dominant cultures is, the dominant culture is the culture through which the changes of the times occur, dominant cultures are the ones that define the times because they are the times.


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  1. Brittiney Harde says:

    Right now I believe that we have a dominate culture, but in order to have culture there needs to be a society. Societies can be broken down easier than most can imagine and therefore our ‘dominate culture’ would die out.
    In a sense, other countries are sub-dominate cultures. This is due to the fact that most countries are trying to Americanize things, for example there are McDonald’s now located in Japan. Also, jobs are being out-sourced to other countries, due to the cheaper wages. The cheaper wages, in turn will benefit American business owners, because by having those jobs in America, they would have to pay employees more.
    Yes, our culture may be dominate for now, but other cultures, and other countries are doing things to try and get ahead. Another example would again be Japan, and how children go to school for 12 to 15 hours a day, in order to get ahead.
    As an example, Japan and other countries that are following American trends, such as food establishments clearly show that they are sub-dominate, in the sense that they are following the lead of the American trends.
    We have to be able to find a way to preserve and make our society, culture and country flourish because one day, the society and dominate culture that we worked so hard to build could crumble and the sub-dominate cultures could then become dominate and we would be sub-dominate.
    After working so hard for the “American dream”, our society, culture and country should not be as lazy as it is at this given time. Cultures that are trying to get ahead, eventually will if we don’t pick up the pace and realize that what we have here in America is great and we need to try and find a way to preserve it and let it expand into something greater. We should strive to be the culture that is dominate and stays dominate.

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