We are Entering a Global Era

The problems that we are now facing are beyond our nation-state system to deal with. The effectiveness of our nation-states has diminished. No longer does the nation-state reign supreme. We are leaving our nation-states behind and entering a new collective global era whose institutions we have yet to realize.

Our global problems are moving us toward this global world in which our old ways of thinking are more of a hindrance than an asset. Our global problems will require that we can depend on each other’s cooperation if we are going to meet our common global concerns collectively.

Global climate change, the global recession and the potential swine flu pandemic among others are all reaffirming that globalization is here and, therefore, we are gong to need real global institutions necessary to deal with them.


7 Responses to “We are Entering a Global Era”
  1. Julie Birch says:

    Globalization is so scary. I think in globalization we risk losing more control than ever. We would hand over control to an even smaller group of people and we would lose a lot of ability to govern ourselves. It seems that there must be a way for us to work together to help eachother in these different global crises without giving up the very essence of our ways of life and ability to develop in the way that we see is best. I think that small groups of people have too much power as it is, but hopefully we will find a way to deal best with all of these uneasy circumstances.

  2. Christopher Graham says:

    I agree with your opinions on entering a new global era, the old ways simply will not work any longer. We cannot act as individuals anymore, we need to come together as a single and dominate power. We cannot continue to value our own successes; we need to value the successes of our world and nation states. There are too many individuals in this world, when we are in a time of need that requires a team effort.

  3. Archie Khorasani says:

    i think it is because of our high communication level that we have turned ourselves into globalization. however, is it possible that technologically we are only advance to oversee our future to come, yet, not skilled enough to really deal with our global problems? i believe we are concerned with matters far out of our reach, when we believe that we have now entered a different era in which we can all work together in cooperation. the way i see things go pretty much sums everything up into this saying; ‘History repeats itself.’ what i mean by this phrase is not that change is going to be the same, but rather that we, the people, have not advanced to a better society, culture, or a state in life, where we could all as a nation see our problems and use our strengths to deal with them. unfortunately, we have over-produced so much that the problems arising from that fact overcomes our progressive abilities in taking care of the globe.

  4. Rachel says:

    Our Global era is a chaotic everywhere and our global climate is unpredictable. Not too long ago, I read online about seven islands that might just disappear from the face of this earth. It is very scary to think about a disaster like this waiting to happen. Maybe for that same reason, people are disconnected from global problems facing us because of fear. There are things we can do to make improvements, but do we have time to change things here on earth. Many people think 2012 might just be the end of world, but who really knows what lies ahead of us in history. The Universe has it mind of its own.

  5. Lilit Akilian says:

    I think that we have come to a point that no one would have ever expected. We are facing problems that don’t have solutions. No one can really predict the future and there is nothing in history that can hint the future. We have literally entered into a new global era.
    Things are happening that people cannot control. No one should try to control things. We should not worry about what may or may not happen. The best we can do, as humans, is to live life safely and orderly. Life’s tough, but we can get through it.

  6. Diana Oganesyan says:

    Globalization has been a necessity in the world that has been long forgotten. As the world progresses, new technological processes and forms are discovered, globalization will be inevitable. A new question now arises- how long will it actually take for the individualistic minded nation-states to realize this.

  7. Jason M (art 101) says:

    We definitely need to realize that everything is connected. We are all people of Earth. No longer are countries and cultures separated by enormous boundaries. The problen is that certain radical countries will not conform. Some countries realize that they have resources that are found nowhere else so they want to keep control of these commodities rather than share. Another major problem is religion. Even if certain cultures agree that we need to get together, religion, and rather different religious beliefs will always probably keep people from being truely united. We need to start saying Amen to science!

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