A New Global Era

I haven’t Blogged for the last week because I had some things that I urgently needed to get done that didn’t allow me time to blog. But now I’m back!

I would like to start discoursing this new global era that we are in and show how we can use it to see ourselves in new global ways that will make more of us collectively then we have been separately.

We are entering a new era in which, we human beings and the planet that we live on are becoming one with one another and developing a cooperative relationship with each other.


2 Responses to “A New Global Era”
  1. Lilit Akilian says:

    I don’t think that society has realized this new era that we are living in. If we begin to re-think the way we do things so we can become one with nature, life would be much better. We need to gradually adjust the way we live.

  2. Aram Kavoukjian says:

    I agree with what Lilit has to say but the problem I see is how do you get everyone to re-think the way they do things. Someone that is struggling to keep a job, make a living and support has family might be willing to re-think the way they do things but it would be much more difficult trying to get someone that is making a good living and is happy with where they are in life.

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