The beginning of a new era

Every era of change is a result of the inability of the proceeding era to deal with the new conditions that they encountered. Today is no exception. The issues that we face today are global in nature, which has transcended our national institutions capabilities to effectively deal with them.

Because our existing governments are the only governments available to us, we are forced to use them to deal with the global problems that we now face. But because they are all nationally based, they are not designed to deal with our common global problems, which will increasingly be the case in the future and are therefore doomed to failure.


4 Responses to “The beginning of a new era”
  1. Osama Shahzad says:

    Change! A word used today very lightly and tossed around for the most minute details. Obama promised change, and although this post predates his inauguration as president, it is safe to say that he was not able to deliver as was expected of him. But that is not entirely his fault, he was given a country that was already falling a part and was left to clean up the mess. Change is not sudden, rather change occurs over time and hopefully 10 years down the road, my children will experience a better world than I did.

  2. Dianna Nomanim says:

    Our government and our nation have to stand together under one leadership without any corruption. Our leaders should not be concentrated on accomplishing their own plans and fulfilling it with their own people. Our economy is based on a chain of people that keeps this economy running.

  3. calvin montano says:

    This is really true. New eras seem to always occur when one era might be having too many problems and the people want something new to happen or become established. When a new era comes into effect; people tend to feel more satisfied and safe that change has been occuring. But sooner or later, that new era will not last for too long and people would want another new era to begin. Overall, people tend to always want what suits them better and in this case; new eras of many things such as governemnt or new eras of music seem to always satisfy people until they become bored and want another new idea/change/or new era to occur.

  4. Cassandra Oliphant says:

    It’s unfortunate to be under someone’s hand. With jobs so low and opportunities so small and when we have little choice in the matter, but to go along with it with strong hearts. We have to rely on our government, despite the many flaws it has. Changes happen every day, but mostly on matters that don’t relate to the problems as of late. But I agree, people grow bored and restless when things just stay the same. I do not know why that is.

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