Global Organization for Global Problems

The political integration of humanity has historically been the result of the level of problems that we had to face.

In early human history our human existence and problems were local and immediate.  Security from wild animal and other human beings forced us to organize ourselves into bands of fifteen to thirty people for collective security.

As our security interests became larger, so did the forms of organizing ourselves to meet them. We went from city-states to kingdoms and now nation-states each designed to deal with the level of problems that they were encountering at the time.

Today our problems are global in nature. They are far beyond the capabilities of our nation-states to resolve on their own. To deal with them we will need to form global institutions that would be capable of dealing with them.

Global problems require global solutions, which can only be effectively provided through global organization.  How this global organization will be designed will determine the nature of life for the people of earth.


3 Responses to “Global Organization for Global Problems”
  1. Christopher Graham says:

    I agree with you and your opinions on the growing and always advancing world. The more we advance, the more we need to develop to keep our selves safe. We will never be able to out run danger because we create or own danger. Global institutions will help, but I feel will not resolve our problems because there is always an outsider. If we do not come together globally the world will eventually rid it self of us.

  2. Aram Kavoukjian says:

    I definitely agree that “Global problems require global solutions, which can only be effectively provided through global organization”. The problem that we have is finding the global organization that can solve the global problems. Right now countries are so worried about their own political games that they’re not worried about global problems or getting together with other countries to solve this problem.
    I am sorry to say this but I believe that the only time that countries will come together to solve this global problem is in a time of crisis. If this is how it turns out I also think it will be to late and that a lot of damage would already be done before the global organization can solve these global problems.

  3. katrina says:

    The question is, how do we retain some level of control over our local communities while moving towards globalism. What do we do when environmental concerns collide with certain forms of globalization? Take agriculture; recently a number of people have become aware that locally grown food tastes better, is better environmentally, can be better regulated etc. This “locally gown” movement is in opposition to the push for global open markets.

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