Are we a “We” Society or a “Me” Society?

If we are to survive as a human species, then we need to start looking at ourselves as members of the human species. Our common problems are now global problems that we are facing together.  Our problems are interlinked and can only be resolved in a global manner. But our institutions are national in character and, therefore, are able to see the world only according to their national interests. We live in a “me and mine” society and what we need is a “we and our” society.

A “we” society would be one in which we would see ourselves as extensions of each other. In a “we” society we grow as a result of one another not in spite of one another.  In a “we” society we would see ourselves in terms of our similarities to one another instead of our differences. This would make our differences our human variety and a sign of our human capability.


6 Responses to “Are we a “We” Society or a “Me” Society?”
  1. Lilit Akilian says:

    I agree with you, on the note that we need a “we” society and we need to start looking at ourselves as members of the human species.
    But the thing is, we can’t expect everyone to believe that. Everyone has different beliefs and ways of thinking. Some people want to be individual, unique, different and not part of everyone else. And some people want to be part of the crowd.

  2. Julie Birch says:

    We do need to be more others-oriented, rather than selfish and single-minded. This world would be radically different if we stopped thinking of ourselves so much and reached out to help and serve those around us. But something I wouldn’t want to lose is our special individuality, in our own singular persons or even in our national cultures. I think there is a way to all take care of eachother without giving ourselves away in the mean time. I believe there is a balance that can be had, we just have to take our eyes off of ourselves and look to what we can each contribute to help eachother grow and thrive.

  3. Archie Khorasani says:

    I agree with your idea, but there is a problem farther ahead, which i believe will not let us become a united society. The more technology has advanced, the more we, as humans, have gotten separated from each other. we have lost the touch of what a family feels like; and this is only an example. But if the most trusted single unit, such that as the family, has lost its value, then it becomes really hard to have any hope for our race to, once again, come back to its natural roots.
    also, i would like to note, referring to the comment, that as much as we may be different as in the ways we think, believe, or take actions, we are still all the same in nature; the more differences you’ll find, the more similarities show themselves. that’s what i think at least. When you stated, ‘everyone has different beliefs and ways of thinking,’ note that you still mentioned ‘Everyone,’ which is a single unit.

  4. Rachel says:

    Interesting that people want to be part of a society yet we are living in a society where no one really trust anybody.
    The media uses stereotypes and titles to brand people negatively. This might be the reason people grow distant from one another because we lack interest to really learn from each other as one human race. I want to believe we are a melting pot, and that we really care about our fellow humans in planet earth, but it seems we don’t really care or take interest to make it our problem to find solutions as a unit. Many humans get tunnel vision and have self-serving views rather than as unit. Our technology is becoming so advanced that we don’t socialize with people as much as we do through computers and cellphones. The simple act of conversation makes certain people feel uncomfortable in their own skin and angry to share the air even, it’s a very competitive world. Maybe there’s too many in rats in a cage… I don’t know…. in a matter of time we will start killing and eating each other to make room on planet earth like the rats stuck in a cage.

  5. Christopher Graham says:

    I agree, we are a “me” and “I” society. We as a society set it up that way by always being in constant competition with each other. People do not desire to be the same as the person next to them, but instead desire to be better. This is why society will never come together as a “we” society. We will continue to compete for power, money, and prestige. The people in power do not intend to share it with the people who are not.

  6. Samantha Safir says:

    I agree that a “we” society is the right way of life and would benefit “us.” But, from diapers we are taught to think and speak for “I” and for “me.” At school we are graded on the curve. So I have to be better then “we”. At work, evaluations are on “me” so I have to compete with the next guy. The better “I”, the more material incentives I can get. Their is not much we and us incentives. Yes, big corporations will talk as “team work and us” but ultimately will promote or compensate “me or you” but not “us.” If we want to be we, we need to start educating about it in the beginning of our education, like in kindergarten.

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