A Personal Political Representative for All

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If we are going to maximize our human potential, we will need to have at our disposal a system of government that is both answerable to the individual that is to use it as well as designed to support their endeavors. The development of each person’s ability to their fullest expands our human capabilities which leads to human development.

If every person is to be given the security that he or she needs to develop themselves to their fullest ability then they will need a personal political representative that could personally represent their political interests to all levels of government as well as with the public and private institutions that they would have business with.


2 Responses to “A Personal Political Representative for All”
  1. Julie Birch says:

    That is an interesting thought, which makes me curious how it might work if we had different groups that would represent different people’s needs (i.e. healthcare for the disabled, healthcare for the chronically ill, etc.) and we each subscribed to the different groups that applied to our individual needs. Then those representatives would be able to more accurately vie for the needs of their assemblage instead of people representing such a large group of people with such vast differences in need that then mostly the majority gets served and the needs of the minority go by the wayside because there is no one to speak for them. Hhmmm? You’ve got me thinking…

  2. Archie Khorasani says:

    One way of looking at it is through the existentialist view, which Jean-Paul Sartre tried to express as a methodology for man to represent oneself with consideration of all men. his argument, however, may have been that because of the high belief in existence of God, the majority will not be able to follow this philosophy, for it grants one with more responsibility and role in life than that of which a religious methodology, per say, one that persist on believing in God, will acquire its followers to work for; thus, it is due to the existence of God that there cannot ever be a society in which people are given the chance to fully expand themselves, understanding their essence in life, to the point where there would be a mutual understanding between people and the government.

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