Nothing Lasts Forever


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  1. Christopher Graham says:

    Nothing last forever whether its art, life, or love everything comes to an end. Life will come to an end, which is the process of the universe. The universe seems to have a unique way of surviving but eliminating certain things that are a threat to it. We as a civilization are a threat to the universe and i hope we can last but it will take a lot of work. We look to the past for answers but we do not learn from it.

  2. Rachel says:

    The universe is infinite, vague, and unpredictable like numbers. We can try to predict the future based on our past history here on earth, but truth of matter, we don’t really know the truth. Human beings live and die, but I’m guessing we are recycled too, into other life forms. I always wonder about our spirit, where does it go after life? but we have insufficient answers to prove what really happens to our human spirit. I refuse to believe there is complete end or even a heaven or hell. Spiritually, I believe our energies continue exist even if we physically vanish into the earth’s sand.

  3. Julie Birch says:

    I agree that most things do not last forever, which can be good sometimes, but also sad at other times. But as a christian, I do believe that not only has God himself always existed and always will exist, but also that He created us to also live forever, although not in the same way as we do here on earth. That prospect is definitely going to not be good for some, but awesome for others. But I think it’s important to be reminded, in ways like in some of Farzad Kohan’s work, that nothing here on earth is going to last. The only thing that is going to last from these lives is whether or not we knew and followed God, and how we lived that out. It makes you think that you don’t want to waste your time on unimportant things. It reminds me that I need to spend more time and effort loving God and other people and not so much time stressing about things that are going to one day disappear.

  4. Lilit Akilian says:

    That’s deep.
    As I was watching it, I started off thinking that he’s just painting something. Then I realized he was brushing with water. As soon as I saw parts of his art fading away, I realized the purpose of his work.

    Life is short. Nothing lasts forever.
    Everything is eventually going to fade away. People fade away. They lose themselves in the midst of life.
    It just shows you need to appreciate life and not take anything for granite. Because like the people he drew, people can disappear right before our eyes.

  5. Kenneth Cachola says:

    I love this video, because it shows us that life isn’t something to play with. That life, comes and goes. I also, saw the video with him drawing a family on sand, and waves keep on washing it away, and erasing it. It just comes to show you, that life is something that we cannot prolong, its something that is meant to live each every second of are lives.

  6. Jared Brizuela says:

    Watching this video and it’s comments, i’ve come to conclusion that it is true. Nothing really lasts forever. unless your talking about brain power. But that isn’t the case. There is a beginning and there is an end to all things. That is what we are born to think of, and that is what physically happens. This video portrays three figures of people that no matter how many times the painter painted them, they faded away. This makes us think about life, love, happiness, sadness, and so on.

  7. Desiree Sasunian says:

    This video was amazing and really made me think about life and proves in a simple, meaningful way that nothing lasts forever. I believe that everything was created for a reason, and once it serves its purpose in the world, or in the universe, there is no reason for it to stay in the world, leading to nothing lasting forever, whether it is an art piece, a plant, or a human. I do believe, though, that one’s soul lasts forever, and that everyone is put on this earth to serve a purpose.

  8. melissa naimi says:

    “live every day as if it was your last”
    this video shows that nothing lasts . and life is to short to linger, and let things pass you by. as i pressed play i was so excited to see what this artist was painting, but then i realized he was doing something i always do. painting on cement with water, leaves a lasting impression, but not for long.

  9. Rameel Nissan says:

    “Nothing is everything and everything is nothing”. It was the first thing that it came up in my mind after I watched this video. as everyone knows we live only once and nothing lasts forever. the most important part is that no one knows that what will happen after that painting fade away. it is exactly same as our life” Nothing lasts forever” but think about it what will happen after that… what is after forever ?

  10. Melissa Constantin says:

    This video surprised me, I was waiting to see the full picture and then suddenly it all vanished. I think the video makes a great statement : “Nothing lasts forever” and that’s why we should enjoy life to the fullest. Even though the artist (painter) kept rubbing his brush over the figures, they kept fading. So every chance we get in life, we need to take it before it does not present itself anymore. The painter basically painted a little story almost and watched it disappear. I found the video to be sad but true. Everything fades: love fades, hate fades and in the end it doesn’t really matter because we fade away too. So our life here on earth is short so we need to make something of our lives. I found this to be truly inspiring! A great message to everyone.

  11. David Marias says:

    This video reminds me that we should live in the moment. Nothing does last forever, so we should enjoy it while we can. We may be able to change something or make a difference for a time, but eventually it will fade as the water did on the cement. This video just put a chink in my ideology that some things will always be here. Everything has an expiration date.

  12. Yasamin Boromand says:

    Beside the title of the video “Nothing Lasts forever”, it seems questionable that why the artist in the video depicts three human beings holding each other hands that show such senses of solidarity and cohesiveness between the characters, and then on the other hand by using short-lived unstable material (maybe thinner or alcohol) he tries to say that the closeness and that cohesiveness between human beings is gone, dead, or disappeared. Perhaps the attachment between the characters shows that we–all the people on the planet– are being forgotten as a human and that power of love and unification does no longer exist between us.
    Now with considering the title, I can feel a great deal of hopelessness and hollowness. I’ve always thought that a man is nothing by his own voice when there’s no listener or an interlocutor to talk with; this video shows the whole characters of the scene (also the interaction and the attachment) are worthless and ephemeral, and we’re all going to die anyway. But the words we experience never die, in fact they are being narrated and transferred from one generation to another. What remains left of us is our voice, our words, our subjectives, our arts, our definition of our surroundings, our accomplishments, and our memories.
    Also, there is a fact that testifies the purpose of our existence that energy never dies but it’s being transferred from an object to another or transformed from one form to another. ( not sure but I think it derives from Newton’s third law).
    It’s also funny to point out the sound coming out of the woods while absorbing the substance which can be deemed as the transformation of the energy.

  13. Lori Edukugho Art 101 says:

    Love it! What a wonderful display of art. In man’s world “nothing last forever”. However, God’s love, and His word are true, and will last forevermore. Life is not forever, but love is.

  14. Guillermo Ortiz says:

    This video reflects a very powerful message, that nothing Last forever. Personally by watching this video I thought of how we as people are forgetting about things that really matter like Peace, Love and Unity. We got to understand that everything that has a beginning has an end. Truly, its hard for me to believe that everything has an end. I believe what really does last forever is the marks we have left behind. Which are the ones that really matter and are the ones that we’ve kept on doing that has made us human. Ultimately, I believe “Forever” is a concept that us humans wont ever understand.

  15. Dora Chavez says:

    …. I’m touched by this video. It’s so true. Nothing lasts forever. Our existence as humans beings is only instantaneous when compared to the existence of our planet, to the existence of the stars, to the existence of the universe. We are here now, and then tomorrow we are gone. We may leave behind evidence of our existence: photographs, writing, drawings, buildings, etc, but even those don’t last very long. Items that transcend time and give us a view into the intangible past. This video, though performed through simple methods, conveys all these ideas, and thus has a greater impact than any article, book, or philosophical scroll could ever have.

  16. Shanilla Natanzi says:

    When people say nothing lasts forever, I think of it as more of a cliche rather than the literal meaning. However, this video gave me a new perception of the depth behind that saying. Obviously nothing can last forever, things die overtime and thats just the way life is, nothing can be done to stop it. Thus proving that one must live in the moment and make best of what they have, because you never know when something as precious as life, can be taken away.

  17. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    “Nothing lasts forever” that phrase says it all. we’re born one day and then the next day we die. All our material objects, our food, our money will eventually fade, because when we die none of that will go to the grave with us. As teens we grow up with that mentality that the true important things like trust, love and friendship will always last forever but in reality it doesnt because everything always falls apart one way or another.

  18. jny h. says:

    Order, ruled by Chaos, still prevails.

  19. jny h. says:


  20. Ethige Silva says:

    Life we have now is a gift from God. As a Catholic we believe only God’s love is eternal in this universe. When I was watching the video it made me think how we are getting older day by day. At the end of our lifetime what matters is nothing. We come and vanish away. Though our souls will be remained somewhere on this planet or what we believe as in heaven or hell. Therefore I believe all physical objects in this world will vanish away though our souls and Gods love will remain eternal and it’ll be unseen and untouchable.

  21. It is true, things do not last. It is the same with our very lives. We are born, we live and the time will come when our lives will end. Even the mere things we leave behind have their own dusk. Like how the three figures that were painted on the sidewalk, they slowly faded away, the same that had happened to the world’s earliest civilizations. It is a very sad thing though, that even the creations we put effort to are mortal just like us. I am Christian, yet I have that fear of things ending. Lives, especially. I am still learning but I do hold onto that hope that when life ends here, it goes on somewhere else, wonderful and divine. You can call me corny for saying that. But God had given us life but Jesus had said that all of this world will soon vanish, all that we put into it will not last. You can actually see it happening through out history as each old civilization had met their rock bottom. Some had just met an abrupt stop. So I agree with that. Still, it is a very sad truth to behold that all things of this earth do not last.

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