The Forming of a World Leader

The reception that President Barak Obama received in Europe during his G-20/ NATO meeting has shown how we are now in the beginning of a new global era in which our understanding of the world and ourselves within it will be global in nature because now our common problems are global in nature.

Every era was a reflection of the problems that it had to overcome. When our problems were local, our understanding of the world was also local. As we developed larger concerns, our understanding of ourselves and the world also grew larger. Local concerns became national concerns and national concerns became international concerns.

Today our concerns are global in nature which has given us a new view of ourselves as all being interconnected with not only one another but also with the natural world that we depend on.

Our global problems are global in nature and can only be met in a global way. Not one nation can divorce itself from the global problems that we now face. We are now all in this new global era but we are limited by our national solutions to it. But this is to be expected since we sill think in a national way.

Our global problems are going to make us global whether we like it or not. What we will need are global institutions that see their responsibility as dealing with the global problems of the world. We see the beginning of this global understanding of ourselves in Barak Obama’s visit to Europe.

Because of the nature of the global problems that we now face and the lack of effectiveness of national governments to be able to resolve on their own, Barak Obama has become the symbol of a new global understanding that the people have. The people have come to see that their futures are globally linked and, therefore, require global solutions. They also believe that global solutions are only achievable by a global leader that can transcend his national identity and represent the world. Barak Obama has shown himself to be such a figure.


One Response to “The Forming of a World Leader”
  1. Lester Telon says:

    I think that America has always had an isolationist approach to politics, until recently. But with the recession hitting us, and analyst saying it will possibly get worse are we going to revert to that? I think that the worlds common goals are the reduction of nuclear arms, but with this economy, or lack of money people become wary. And when people become nervous.. well yeah you know the rest

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