Making Government Work for Us

If we are going to create a system of government that will work for us, then we need to be able to form it for ourselves. But how do we form a government for ourselves? Well how do we provide ourselves with any services that we personally need? We hire someone to do it for us.

If we want a house built for us, we hire an architect to provide us with the house that we want. The architect would then hire the general contractor to actually provide the construction functions. The general contractor would then hire the plumbing, electrical and other contractors who would provide the particular specialties required for the completion of the house. This allows us to determine the kind of house that we get.

Now imagine our doing the same thing in providing ourselves with a government. We would hire a political contractor to provide us with the government services that we want and they would then hire those service providers that we need to provide them to us. This political marketplace would allow each of us to hire the government service providers that we need to provide us with the kind of government services that we personally need and want for ourselves.


One Response to “Making Government Work for Us”
  1. Melissa Constantin says:

    I actually like this idea, the only problem I have with it is that it might be too much to handle. I am aware this might sound lazy (because after all it is our life and future) but I believe that a lot of people are happy that the government is up and running without really having to do anything. Sometimes, we disagree with actions of our government or some decisions but overall, we are happy that we don’t need to be busy with it on a daily basis.
    This new system sounds great because it is customized to each indivuals’needs. We would not have the glitches in the system, because we are creating it ourselves. We also would not be getting services we don’t need (which is a waste) and we would not be in desperate needs. As long as we know what our needs are, this system seems up there. Have you ever had the feeling that other people can’t do anything right and you like to do things yourself? I feel that if we do it ourselves, only then we will be content and won’t have anything to complain about.

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