We live within Political Monopolies

All of our current democratic governments are in total control of their countries until they are elected out of office. During the time that an elected government is in power, they are able to more or less do as they please. This creates a political monopoly in which the government in power is the only one allowed to direct the nation in the direction that the government wants.


This structural permanence given to elected government has allowed them to direct the energy of the state to their own interests. Governments are the ones that have historically directed the institutions of society that determined the possibilities of the people that had to use them because they had no other options.  We have been held captive by those governments that were political monopolies capable of directing our national course of action. And until political monopolies are removed, we will continue to be at the mercy of our governments.


One Response to “We live within Political Monopolies”
  1. Christopher Graham says:

    I agree, all of the governments around us including our own are all in complete control of their people. It will be very hard to change political monopolies but it something that we must do. When you look at different governments around the world you always see one thing, the government is higher than the average person and that is not good.

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