Democracy as Hero Worship

For democracy to work, it must be based on an informed electorate.  Politics is difficult for most people to understand, therefore, democracy results in creating a system of politics that emphasizes style over substance that leads to a form of hero worship. This allows people to relinquish their personal responsibility toward their own political participation and allows them to interpret their lack of political participation as actual participation. 


One Response to “Democracy as Hero Worship”
  1. Lester Telon says:

    I think the fact that bothers me about American politics is what the person is supposed to stand for. By ‘style’ an American president has to be a christian. No president would ever be elected if he/she was an atheist. In France, it is taboo for their president to say God bless France, because their government is very very secular. But an America it is mandatory. We are promoting Christianity, but what about the other religions?

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