A Better Understanding of Democracy

In a time when the need for a new way of organizing ourselves is becoming increasingly apparent, we need to take a better look at the system of democracy that got us here. While democracy has been seen as the best means of enfranchising most of the people, it has fallen short of expectations.

One of the inherent problems with democracy has made itself very clear during each election.  Getting people to vote on issues that they don’t understand leads to a system of government where the people are led instead of served. So in an age that is becoming more complicated and the need to understand it more imperative, is democracy really the answer for tomorrow? 


2 Responses to “A Better Understanding of Democracy”
  1. Christopher Graham says:

    Democracy does have its problems but for right now it is the best we can do. People do not care enough about their countries problems to take time to understand what and who they are voting for. This is why democracy falls short of our expectations. To answer your question I do believe democracy is still the answer for our future problems because nothing is ever perfect.

  2. Rameel Nissan says:

    understanding democracy would help people in different culture and believes that adjust themselves into the situation that we have right now. I think getting help from government is very important that democracy can give us opportunity to be closer to government.

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