Class Democracy

The economic problems that we are suffering from are a direct result of the type of governments that allowed them to happen. These problems are a result of not only the way that governments work but also how they are structured. Most of the governments of the world are a form of democracy.

But democracy, like all other forms of government, is class based and, therefore, produces a political class with its own class interests. Democracy is actually a class-based democracy whose members ultimately work in their own interests.  In fact all of today’s democracies are class democracies, which is what makes them so difficult to change.

Democracy is more wishful thinking than fact.  It is something that we believe exists, but we really know doesn’t.  Class democracies work in the interest of those that get them in power and always will.  It was once said by Winston Churchill that, “Democracy was the worst system ever devised, except for all of the others.”   We need to keep this in mind.


One Response to “Class Democracy”
  1. Lester Telon says:

    Perfect example: Republicans will only extend to Bush tax cuts if Obama extends them to wealthiest Americans as well.

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