Demand-Siding the Economy

Traditional economic thought is supply-side based with the funding of the suppliers of society. But in a situation where the supply-siders are not supplying, what I believe that we now need is a demand-side approach. A demand-side approach is needed to stimulate the market by funding the consumer who would then give the producer a reason to produce. It would also make the funding process much more reliable by allowing us to fund those individuals of society that actually need it.

A demand-side approach would restore confidence in the market by making our needed market relationships acceptable to one another. Both the consumers of products as well as their producers need to be given market exchanges that they can count on. A demand side approach would do just that by making our economic exchanges predictable.

The way to add predictability to market exchanges would be to require that each transaction be given its own manager to administer the type of market exchanges desired by the participants. 

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