New and Old Ideas of the Market

Our current economic problems are a direct result of our misuse of the market.

The old idea of the market was about making profit from ones own efforts, which in and of itself is good. This has also led to the market being misused, which has led directly to the creation of a culture of greed resulting in the misallocation of our precious resources.

We must decide whether the purpose of investment is to make a profit or to provide liquidity for the goods and service needed by society.

The new idea of the market must be about providing the best product to the consumers of society.

The primary purpose of investment is to provide a product not a profit. Profits must always be the result of providing for a good product not an end in itself.


2 Responses to “New and Old Ideas of the Market”
  1. Christopher Graham says:

    I agree, providing a good product should be more important than money. Are economy is suffering right now because of greed and all that comes with it. This world is filled with greedy people and if you get enough of these greedy people in power we LOOSE.

  2. Ateka Husain says:

    World is filled with greedy people, I agree. The competition between companies of selling their products had made them forget their pupose. This is the reason that day-to day some business is shuting down, leaving many people unemployed.

    Ateka Husain
    Pierce College,
    Art 101; M Th 1:00-2:35

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