Merit pay for Teachers

What is the problem with education? Is it the lack of quality teachers that so many have been taught to believe is the culprit? Or is it the educational congestion that teachers and school districts are forced to deal with because of the government’s and the public’s refusal to fund schools adequately. Might it not be the overcrowding and lack of facilities in our schools?


What kind of instruction do you think that you could provide in a classroom with 35 to 40 students per class and the same amount of time per class? How about dealing with students whose parents either refuse or are unable to get involved in their children’s lives and to care for their emotional needs and leave it up to the teachers and schools to deal with? If we want teachers to be creative and provide our children with the kind of education that they deserve, then we must supply them and their teachers with the facilities and work environment that they need in order to achieve it.


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  1. Julie Birch says:

    As you stated, there are many problems with the educational system. Part of it is a lack of quality teachers, the educational congestion caused by a lack of necessary funding, and general overcrowding, but strangely, or maybe not so strangely, I think another force is also at work. Our society has taught us to want, want, want with the least amount of personal investment possible. We want good educations for ourselves and our children, but consistently choose to put resources and effort towards other ‘more important’ things. We want something for practically nothing and we get upset when the result is not up to our standards, not realizing that we didn’t even provide the necessary components to get the desired outcome. We have to realize that social contribution and sacrifice (monetarily, etc.) are necessary for social growth. Nothing only grows into more nothing.

  2. Desiree Sasunian says:

    As a student, I experience the problems with the educational system on a daily basis. As everyone is raised to believe, education is the most important thing and should always be a priority. If this is true, then why does the school board make it seem like it’s not? They don’t have enough money for anything, and are starting to cut off art and drama programs in schools. They cut off teachers like it’s nothing, when teachers are the most important people in our society. Without teachers and schools, where would everyone be? People fail to see the importance of teachers in everyone’s lives, and need to start appreciating them more.

  3. Jason M (art 101) says:

    Classroom size in public schools has alot to do with the poor level of education children are getting. In private schools, the class size never exceeds 25 students. Also, by having smaller classes, students that are not up to speed can spend extra time with a teacher or teachers aid and will usually not have to repeat a grade. What is shocking is that the teachers in private schools for the most part are equally or less educated than their public school counterparts. Thats right, private school teachers don’t even need to have a Bachelors degree in most cases. Yet these teachers are getting paid more and have less students to manage than public school teachers. In my opinion, teachers should be one of the highest paid professions in the country because they are the ones opening the doors for millions of minds every year. Unfortunately, until you get to the college level, teachers are paid less than many far less important professions. This leads to less educated people taking teaching jobs in grades K-12. This leads to a poor combination of overcrowded schools and underqualified individuals trying to manage the situation. I don’t havbe a solution as of yet, but the more I educate myself, perhaps I will.

  4. Samantha Safir says:

    Our current society does emphasize the importance of education, and does not promote or support the teachers who deliver the education. Teachers are suppose to educate the students and not spent their time on parenting or being disciplinarians in schools. Parents are suppose to be involved in their child’s lives and do their job as a parent, so their kids come to school prepared to get the education. Because people are afraid to say it to the parents, all kind of faults are assigned to teachers when students are failing. It is physically impossible for one teacher to teach 4-5 classes of 35-40 students, how can this teacher even check so many tests and homework papers? We put more glory and money in basketball players then into the people who educate our biggest assets, our children. This is definitely very wrong.

  5. David Marias says:

    Teachers are some of the most important people in society. Their work shapes the next generation. I am a student and see the impact that teachers can have upon students. There are some teachers that do a profound job. However, there are always just as many that do not do a nearly good enough job as a teacher. These people negatively impact society and future generations. Why are we letting lesser teachers teach? We could demand that teachers have a higher level of education and a high pay grade to attract more people. But then again, money controls everything. We will have better teachers when we have more money.

    David Marias
    Pierce College
    Art History 101 Monday & Thursday 1-2:30

  6. Jessica Delijani says:

    I agree! The educational governers have focused to much on regulating every aspect of teaching that teachers don’t have the ability to become creative any more. Many teachers become teachers because they want to shed there light on teaching and make it a more fun and easily learned subject, but they are not given the oppurtunity to do so because of restrictions placed by the board of education. Now and days it’s no longer how good of a teacher that person is, but it’s about how nice they are and this is because teaching isn’t about teaching anymore, it’s about following the curriculum that the board of education wants teachers to use.

  7. Lissette Lopez says:

    The government has tried to fix the education system but it has been to no avail. If people want the education system to flourish, teachers should have either less students per classroom or more funds. Both would be the best but let’s be realistic. My aunt is a teacher and she suffers under the rules placed on her teaching. She is not allowed to do a lot of the fun and creative things that she wishes she could do with her kids. Basically, she has to just try to teach them as much of the curriculum that she can while they’re there and hope they will succeed. If we want society to prosper we need to start with education.

  8. Asif Baig says:

    Coming from a student, I understand what students are thinking when they do not like a specific teacher. Alot of teachers are careless about their own classes because of overcrowding or small classrooms. That is not an excuse for someone to lack on their teaching skills. I’ve experienced teachers teling me to leave their classroom because there were already “too many students” in the classrooms. It is the teachers responsibility to teach us what WE need to learn, after all it is their job. I understand most teachers are dealing with students that are very careless about their education, but that doesn’t give them an excuse to blame the lack of space in a class, or the government because the students don’t have a perfect facility to be taught in. It is the teachers responsibility to teach and the students responsibility to learn.

  9. Catherine Vileisis says:

    It is a known fact that education is the most important thing and should always be one’s number one priority. If this is true, then why does the school board make it seem like it’s just the opposite? They struggle to have enough money for many programs, and are starting to cut off certain extra circulars such as art, drama and even sports. They also lay off teachers like it’s nothing, when teachers are the most important people in our society today! The kids need them more than ever! Unfortunately, the state along with the school board fail to see their importance.

  10. Clairissa Barker says:

    There’s no way that any student of yours at Pierce College can disagree with this statement. The teachers suffer tremendously every day trying to teach the best they can with there out of date technology and overcrowded classrooms. while the teachers struggle to get the lesson out the students are stuck at class suffering from the cut backs even worse. The lack of classes needed and the overcrowded classrooms are effecting graduating time frames students dreamed of and may even be forcing young adults to do poorly in classes or drop them entirely.

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