Conservatism As Religion

Truth and reason has gone out of the window in Republican circles. Their political views have now become dogma and taken on a religious quality that supersedes any rationality.


4 Responses to “Conservatism As Religion”
  1. Lilit Akilian says:

    Republicans don’t see the controversy associated with their beliefs. Do they really think conservatism can become religious? What happened to rationality?

    You’re right. It seems as though truth and reason has left the building.

  2. Erin Fischer says:

    Many religious individuals have a hard time differentiating what is right to them versus what is right for our society. Many have a tendency to “leave their brain at the door” when entering a lifestyle of faith. Faith may be a wonderful thing, for some people need that hope to feel worth something, yet it is warping their reality at times regarding what will benefit them being in a government run society. If they could find that medium between their religion and the world they live in, the need to be conservative would not be a major factor in their view of how to choose a leader.

  3. Christopher Graham says:

    I can’t believe they think conservatism can become religion. They must be crazy. They need to rethink their whole idea of leading a nation. It’s as if they are blind and cannot see the consequences of their actions. They need to learn how to rationalize and use a bit of common sense.

  4. Nisha says:

    This is a perfect example of how much the Church has been involved in world domination over the last thousand years. What ever happened to the separation between the Church and Government? I think its all a big scam to make us believe we have choices and options, when in reality, they are, most often then not, one and the same.

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